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Hello, I am fairly new to this list. While I have been working on genealogy for about 6 years now, this is the beginning of my search for my husband's ancestors. I am searching for the family of Pasquale Vinci, supposedly from Sicily, according to family members, although names of places have not been recorded and the family members with the knowledge are now deceased.  Pasquale VINCI had at least 2 sons, Angelo and Joseph. It is Angelo that  I seek.

Angelo VINCI was born in Sicily 09/25/1880. He married Concetta Arigno date unknown. She was the daughter of Salvatore Arigno and Nellie Leone, and this lineage I am in search of as well. Family has reported that their first son John, was born in Sicily (?) 05/03/1906. Angelo and Concetta were reported to have travelled to America in late 1906 or early 1907. They arrived in New York and later settled in Manchester, Connecticut and had 9 more children. I am in search of any information on this family. I have searched many ships lists and to date have had no success. Upon arrival in America, Angelo became Angelo Vince and his brother Joseph, remained Joseph Vinci. I am appreciative of any assistance or leads to information that anyone may have.

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Karla Vince