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I am very new at this and would like some information as to how to proceed.  I have searched the Family History Center and cannot find what I am looking for. So, I don't know if I am proceeding correctly. I am searching for family background in three areas of Scility:


Grandfather (Orazio Siragusa) was born in 1972 in Valledolmo. Three sister and a brother emigrated to US in 1890's. Sister Rosina remained behind as did his Mother and Father,(names unkown) who I am trying to locate.


Great-Grandfather (Giovanni LaPiana) born in 1846 married Vincenza Favata (born in 1857) in Mussemeli. His father's name was Delminico Favata. I am looking for information on great-great grandparents on both the LaPiana and Favata sides.


Grandfather (Vincent Indelicato) was born in Scuiliana and emigrated to US in 1900's. His first wife died in Staten Island during the 1920's. His second wife never emigrated to US. So, I am looking for record which identify name both wives as well as great-great grandparent.  Can anyone help me with how I should approach trying to locate records in these towns?

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