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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] The Ange family

Hi everyone,

I made a discovery yesterday that's got me really excited...I thought my great grandmother Rosina's surname was Higi--because that is what is written on my grandmothers baptismal certificate. Last night I called an Aunt who told me she remembered that Rosina's surname was Ange. So I went through all my grandmothers papers again and I was able to make more sense of a will that was there.

The will is for a man named Cosimo Ange and he leaves his estate to his children or their survivors. There were eight of them but he "purposefully omits" his deceased daughter "Rosa Pace" and her surviving children.

I've found most all of the children listed in the will in the Social Security Death Index, and I think I may have found Cosimo as well but I'm not sure yet. The Ange names I could read from this will are Sam, George, Carmela, Jennie (I have pictures of Aunt Jennie), Joseph, Josephine (apparently she died quite young and the will mentions Mary Battaglia who was taken in by Cosimo when she was about 4), there is a name I can't read and then there is his deceased daughter Rosa Pace. They are all from Le Roy New York and they were all born before and around the earlier 1900's.

If anyone is researching the Ange family in New York please let me know. Thanks!