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Thanks for the note Maria. I have some 2nd, third and fourth cousins living in Melbourne. I visited them in in 1988. Spent 5 weeks in Australia, visiting relatives in Cairns, Sydney , Melbourn, Brisbane and Perth, Freemantle. Loved every minute of it. They live outside of Melbourne now. The surnames are Sulfaro, Villardo, and Mangani.


Searching Sterrantino, Sterantino, Sulfaro, and Kundare.

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Wow, what turn around. I knew it was a good site when I read MOST of the notes.

O.K. here goes.


My parents were Rosario Sterrantino, born March 30, 1896 and died June 30, 1972. and Teresa Sulfaro, b. Feb.3,1896 and died Aug.5, 1967.  Rosario's parents were Pasquale Sterrantino and Brancazia (or Pancrazia) Kundare. Teresa Sterantino, nee Sulfaro's parents were Giuseppe and Giuseppina Sulfaro nee Sulfaro. Giuseppina's maiden name was also Sulfaro. They were first cousins. I think that Italy still allows first cousins to marry. I do not have any information on my grandparents other than their names, no birth/death dates, siblings or anything. I do have the names of all my Sterrantino Aunts (6), there were no uncles and the names of the aunts and uncles on the Sulfaro side.


They all came from Giardini, provincia d'Messina and from a little village called Naxos. I still have a first cousin living in Naxos but we have a language barrier. He speaks Italian/Sicilian and I speak English, but understand Sicilian, circa 1920, when my parents emigrated to U.S. thru New York City with their 9 month old son, Pasqualino in 1920.


The family name is really spelled SteRRantino. Either Rosario or the immigration officials dropped one of the R's. I have all the names of my American And Australian first cousin relatives plus my three aunts that emigrated there with their husbands AND children. They can relate to my aunts and uncles but no farther back than that. I have 400+ names on my current list but can't break the dead lock into Sicily.  I hope someone will be able to get me on the right track. Thanks for any and all the help you can give me and especially for all the kind and great service you are providing to us all. Grazie tante e ciao.


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