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Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] searching for cugini


My Sicilian ancestors were:

(grandparents) Giuseppe DiSALVO (1873-1959) and Maria Antonia GANGITANO, (1885-1944) arrived New York August 12, 1905 aboard the Sicilian Prince, from Villarosa (now in Enna province) settled in Pgh

The children who lived to adulthood:  Katy, Sam, Mike, Teresa, Jack

(ggrandparents) Salvatore DISALVO (1818-1886) and Salvatrice SAVULLA (1830-1900)

Salvatore GANGITANO (1856-1920) and Rosa CASALE (1864-1890)

(gggrandparents) Giuseppe DISALVO and Anna Maria SAVULLA (yep, same surname!)


Giacomo SAVULLA and Catalda LOCASCIO

Giacomo CASALE and Cristina ALBO (from Messina)


Any cousins out there?

Judy DiSalvo Stenger


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Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] OOPS! Gangi cousins?


I inadvertently deleted a message about Gangi's who settled near Chicago.  As far as I know, my grandmother's sister, Michela (m. Vincenzo Profeta), and their father, Salvatore, were the only family to come to the states.  On the DiSalvo side, Giuseppe had a brother, Sebastiano, who went to Chicago. It looks like he was married three times: Verna Mary Deno, Cecilia Fazio, and Salvatrice Latragna. He had many children. One was Josephine, who married Edmond Perri. She recently died in Chicago.

Grandpap Guiseppe had sisters, but I'm unclear as to which came here:

Anna Maria m. Biagio La Magna, Rosa m. ? D'Amico, Carmela m. Salvatore Battaglia,

Best wishes

Judy DiSalvo Stenger


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Subject: Re: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Locascio

Catalda Locascio was my GGG Grandmother. I don't have her dates, but she was married to Giacomo Savulla.  Their daughter, Salvatrice (1830-1900) married Salvatore DiSalvo (1818-1886), son of Giuseppe DiSalvo and Anna Maria Savulla (!)

Salvatore and Salvatrice (Sal and Sal) had Giuseppe (1873-1959), Sebastiano, Rosa, Anna Maria, and Carmela DiSalvo.

The DiSalvos were from Villa Rosa, Enna. Some of my family is from Pettineo, Messina. I don't have anything farther back as yet.