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Searching Realmuto from Baucina

Michael Reammuto b. circa 1830 m.Angelina FUMAFREDDO

son: Balise b. circa 1850, married mary LOCASCIO, she was the daughter of Philippo LOCASCIO and Isadora (no last name yet)

Balise and Mary had two daughters Isadora and Angelina.

No info on Aneglina yet. Isadora b. circa 1870 m. Guitano (thomas) SANFILIPPO. children mary, catherine, angeline, elsie.

Isadora and Balsie immigrated from Porticello

also looking for Santo SANFILIPPO b. circa 1830 m. Maria SANFILIPPO

son Pietro b. circa 1850 m. Caterina BALISTRERI

daughter of Stefano Balsitreri and Rosa D'Aquisto.

Children: Peter, Rose, Santo, Salvator, Stefano,

Guitano (thomas), Anthony, Mary. I have most of these childrens kids.

Santo and Maria had another daughter Angela who m. Joseph SANFILIPPO.

Pietro Sanfilippo b. circa 1830 m. Santa MARINO, son

Frank Sanfilippo b. circa 1850 m. Rose MERCURO daughter of John MEACURIO and Joanna VIRCA. Franks son Ignazio married Vincenza SANFILIIPO daughter of Joseph SANFILIPPO an Angela BALISTRERI (sister to Caterina above).  

Joseph and Angela's parents are Frank SANFILIPPO and Vincenza ALLIOTO.

Pietro and Santa had a daughter, Santina SANFILIPPO b. circa 1850 m. Joseph SCARDINA, children Angeline2

Scardina, born circa 1870 Italy, Porticello, Palermo Prov., Sicily; married Stephano Sanfilippo.

Rose Scardina, born circa 1870 married Sabastian Balisteri.

Mary Scardina; born circa 1870 Porticello, Palermo Prov., Sicily; married Sabastian Balisteri circa 1950.

Congetta Scardina; born circa 1870 Porticello, Palermo Prov..

Frank Scardina; born circa 1880 Porticello, Palermo Prov., Sicily.


Any help on these families would be great. Val 225 N. Glenview Ave Wauwatosa, WI. 53213,


Val Rollins Sanfilippo-Schleicher

searching Realmuto, Sanfilippo, Scardina, Balistreri, Italiano, Grippo, Marino, Meacurio,Virica, Allioto, D'Aquisto, FumaFreddo, Locascio,