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Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 10:11 PM

To: Donna Guiffre

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Thanks Donna, I'll start with the list and see where that leads.

Names:  Russo, Breci, Zarbano, Floridia, Pirruccello, Miceli, Anzalone

All from Carlentini, Sicily

Ciaffaglione from Sortino, Sicily

Thank You


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Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Re:Information on Family



My wife's grandfather supposedly enter the US through New Orleans. In the 1920 census it was noted that he came to the US in 1890. His Declaration of Intention has the Trinacria Anchor Line as the vessel and about 26 October as a date of arrival. No Year Listed!

His name was Cruciano Diati, his children went by Diatte and Diatta.

He lived in Hammond, LA until about 1937-38 when he came to California.

His wife's name was Marianna Colona, listed as Maria Colonna on the

declaration. My questions:

1. Is there a place on the web which lists all vessels that arrived at New Orleans between 1885 and 1900?

2. Does anyone recognize these names and can share information?



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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Altofonte

Is anyone researching Altofonte, Sicily? If so, have you run across the name MARFIA?



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Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 4:05 AM
Subject: Update Surnames

Pirruccello from Carlentini, Sicily.

Joe Russo