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Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 5:44 PM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Re: ITA-SICILY-D Digest V99 #225


Please submit the following names for the surname list. Thank you.

Cortese, Napoli - Ribera, Agrigento Sicily

Buccheri, and Paladino - Floridia, Siracusa Sicily

Buccheri also in Buenos Aires Argentina

Debi Roussel

Barbara Coburn and

Concetta Maria Cortese Thompson


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Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2000 10:37 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Buccheri/Paladino NEW EXCITING Info; ALSO SS CANADA passenger list 2/23/21


Just got some exciting news from copy of ship passenger list I had requested from NARA in DC regarding my Grandmother: Vincenza Buccheri. The ship was the SS Canada, Sailing from Palermo to Philadelphia, PA, 23 FEB 21. NEW INFO: She traveled with cousins: Maria and Giovanni Paladino headed for Rochester NY. They were being met by Giuseppe Paladino I, 24Erie St., Rochester NY. I know a lot of you on this list are from the NY area, any chance there are any connections here?????

Here is a list of other surnames on the list:

>From Floridia Siracusa

Garofalo, Sebastiana

Sarcia, Felice

Carpentiere, Salvatore

Bazzano, Vincenzo and Vonc---

Lucca, Antonio

>From Palermo

Gigliarid, Salvatore and Francesca

LaBarbera, Salvatore

Di_arzo, Benedetto

>From Girgenti

Macaluso, Luigi

>From Castigliano

Giarciopolo, Vincenzo

Riolo, Concetta

>From Venti_iglia

Mauro, Giuseppe

LoGiudice, Salvatore

>From _errasini

Valenti, Domenico

>From Carini

Sivarrino, Vincenzo

>From Trapani

Dibello, Leonardo

>From Palazzola

Noce, Salvatore and Francesca

Ali_, Raola ?


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Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 5:52 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Re: ITA-SICILY-D Digest V00 #95

I received from NARA in DC the passenger list regarding my maternal Grandmother,Vincenza Buccheri. The ship was the SS Canada, Sailing from Palermo to Philadelphia, PA, 23 FEB 21.

NEW INFO: She traveled with cousins Maria and Giovanni Paladino, whose final destination was listed as Rochester NY. They were met by Giuseppe Paladino I, 24Erie St., Rochester NY. I know a lot of you on this list are from the NY area, any chance there are any connections here? CONNECTION:

My gg-grandparents were Salvatore Buccheri and Pasqualo LoZito,

my ggg-grandparents were Sebastiano LoZito and Concetta Paladino all from

Floridia, Siracusa.


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Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 9:33 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] We're back!

Just wanted to let you all know we had a wonderful trip to Sicily. Now I truly understand my quote below. It was the MOST beautiful place I have ever seen on earth. We were able to see Siracusa, Agrigento, Taormina, Catania and of course Floridia (Siracusa) where we stayed with our cousin. We drove throughout Sicily ~ the mountains, farmlands, and seas are beyond description. Olive farms, orange and lemon groves, blue-green waters are still vivid in my mind. We viewed so many beautiful churches, historical landmarks (Greek and roman), far too many to mention here. My favorite part I believe, its so hard to chose, was the town squares and parks. Every evening in the town we stayed, Floridia Siracusa, people sat outside their doors conversing with one another, or strolled to the Town park where every other night music played and people congregated (even on the nights with no music). There was such a sense of community and kinship. There was a pizza restaurant with outside tables with umbrellas, a bar, again with outside tables, of course gelato (ice cream) and granita (Sicilian italian ice), a mini amusement area for the young with trampolines, kiddie rides etc., all amidst this beautiful green park with pathways, trees, shrubs, flowers and benches and many many people. I truly left my heart there. And DEFINATELY want to return. We also were fortunate to visit Venice, Florence, a town named Padava where we visited St. Anthony's shrine, and of course Roma! Lots of crowds and lines for the attractions, but we saw it all.

We were very lucky to have a friend of our cousin accompany us on our trip to Agrigento to research family. He was a retired man that had worked in the Familia de'stato in my cousin's home town. Without him, we would not have gotten very far. The workers in the Ribera clerk's office were very friendly and helpful, but he , our friend, alone was allowed to look in the actual books, and since he was familiar with the books, he really was successful. My grandfather died when my mom was sixteen, so we knew nothing of that side of the family, not even a birth date. We now have a birth certificate, and he (Salvatore) was able to locate my grandfather's great-niece still alive and well in Ribera. Yes, you guessed it, we paid them a visit. I can't begin to explain what a heart wrenching experience it was. We knocked on their door, and Salvatore explained in Italian who we were and why we had come. They opened their home, and hearts to us (family pictures too). Much crying and hugging. It just so happened that the woman's daughter was visiting with her two children, so we had a mini-family reunion! She remembered her grandmother (my grandfather's sister) talking about her brother who went to America, but they knew nothing more. They themselves had spent some time living in Canada so were able to understand and speak a little English. We now have addresses and will keep in touch. There is also another daughter who lives in America, not too far from us who we also plan to contact. So keep your dreams, they really do come true!

And yes Donna, I have lots of wonderful pictures that I plan to forward to you for your site, as soon as I have time to scan them on a disc.

Debi Roussel