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I am researching the Italian roots of my husband. I have posted  these before  but feel this is a good idea to repeat the information to the list.

 Lentini Sicily: Giovani DI MAURO m. Salvatrice GRASSO born about 1860.


 Alfio DI MAURO b. 5-10-84,d 7-4-80, m. Rosa GUERRERA 1-14-1914; 

 Salvatore DI  MAURO, Josephine DI MAURO, Lucia DI MAURO.

Alfio and Rosa DI MAURO came to the USA about about 1913 and settled in  Omaha, NE. Their children are: Salvatrice, Giovani, Lucia, Sebastiano,  Antonio, Salvatore, Gesopina, Francisco, Rosario, Joseph,  Carmela, Rose Marie.

Glad to share information.

 Beverly Renner