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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Researching: Centorrino / Centorino, Foti, Lanfranchi from Messina

I am doing family history research, and the family names I am researching are Foti, Lanfranchi, and Centorrino (also spelled as Centorino and Centurrino).

My grandfather, Emmanuele Centorrino was born in Messina, Sicily on July 20, 1881 - the son of Giovanni Centorrino and Flavia Foti. I believe that Giovanni was born about 1835-1840. My grandfather's birth record states that his parents lived at Via S. Giovanni Decollato, Number 31, in Messina.

The family name got changed to Centorino (with only one "r") at some point. He emigrated to the U.S. sometime around 1896, as a young man, and lived with an older sister, Concetta, during his late teenage years. My grandfather Emmanuele had another sister - Antonetta, who married Carmelo Romeo. All three of these family members lived in area just west of Boston Massachusetts (Belmont, Watertown, Waverly). Emmanuele may have had a brother also, perhaps named Dominic, but this is conjecture on my part. I don't know whether Giovanni and Flavia (Foti) Centorrino had other children, nor do I have any information on their dates of birth or death.

Emmanuele married Carmella Lanfranchi (also born in Messina, around 1885) about 1906, in Boston MA. They had a total of nine children, two of whom died in childhood. Sometime after their marriage, they moved to Watertown, MA. Carmella's parents were Giacomo Lanfranchi and Francesca Caruso. Emmanuele died in 1958; Carmella died in 1957.

I would very much appreciate any information you can share with me concerning ancestors with any of these surnames, especially if they came from Messina Sicily and settled in the Boston area.

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