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Good Morning, I am also new at this list, and have been just reading the sound off is a great idea thank you..

I am researching the names

Maria Maio who married Giuseppe Privitera from Zafferana (sp) their son (my grandfather) Salvatore Privitera (10/11/1894-11/78) married daughter of Giuseppe Pugliese and Carmela Papandre,

Concetta Pugliese (03/01/1894-05/1973) she had a brother named Francesco Pugliese from Geraci Superiori, Calabria.  They then moved to Randazzo Sicily. When they originally come to the states they settled in Illinois then returned to Italy, came to Connecticut and settled until it was time to rest and went back to Italy.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading.



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Maio from Zafferanna

Privitera from Zafferanna and Randazzo

Pugliese from Calabria

Papandrea from Calabria

Sorry bout the spelling :0( been working a lot of OT and haven't the energy to look it up in ftm....


Concetta Privitera

Concetta Privitera

Arthur Carey