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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 11:41 PM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] my surnames

Hi everyone! this is a great idea, and maybe we should all make a habit of posting our surnames once a month or something for newcomers...anyway here's mine:

Bucalo, Gulino, and Carillo from Sciacca, Sicily

Schimmenti, Aiena, Cerniglia, Di Pisa, Saglimbene, Lo Franco, Priola from Misilmeri, near Palermo, Sicily

Plus lots of other names fall into our tree, but these are the main ones that I am looking for! Hope to hear from you! I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much turkey!

Jennifer Petrino

PS. If anyone has Petrino information that would be terrific too!!! I have never seen anyone post that surname on any sites!


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Friday, January 28, 2000 7:18 PM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] new surname


Hi everyone!

I've got some new information to add to my family tree.  Maybe some of it will look familiar to one of you...

Sciacca, Agrigento Province

Gaspare Gulino married Lillian Sanfilippo (this is the New Part!)

They had a son named Giuseppe Gulino born approx 1879

He married Anna Bucalo born 1884

I don't know if they had any other children besides Giuseppe. I am sending for some more microfilms next week...I would imagine that they did...

Giuseppe and Anna had several children, one of which is my maternal grandfather.

Any help with these new surnames for me would be terrific!


Jennifer :-)

It didn't snow today in Pensacola! Aw, shucks! maybe next time!

Researching from Misilmeri, Palermo province, Sicily: Schimmenti, Aiena, Cerniglia, Saglimbene, Di Pisa, Lo Franco, Priola

>From Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: Gulino, Bucalo, Miarello, Sanfilippo


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 8:02 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] misilmeri microfilms

Hi listers! Got some info for you!

Found my ggg-grandfather's birth certificate yesterday!!! Giacomo Aiena, born Dec 2, 1830, father Matteo Aiena and Mother Concetta Borgese.

Giacomo also had a sister, Rosalia born Feb 12, 1828.

Does anyone know anything about the Borgese surname? My Aunt seems to think she remembers that name from Italian history as being royalty or kings, or something like that???

Ok, I looked for all the surnames that everyone gave me, and here is some information that I copied down...I did not get all the way through the tape, so I will be going back on Wed, and will send more after that...


Anna Di Franco 1-14-1828

Mother Caterina Sciarabba and father Mario? Di Franco

Antonio Schimmenti 2-12-1828

Francesco Schimmenti & >?????

Giuseppe Schimmenti 2-8-1828

Giochino Schimmenti and Anna Carlino

Rosaria Priola 2-29-1828

Placido Priola and Antonina Troina

Antonina Scimmenti 4-25-1828

?oriano Schimmenti & Rosaria Fascella

Leonarda Priola 6-13-1828

Francesco Priola and Ingrainna?? Marchese??

Giovanna Schimmenti 6-5-1828

Francesco Schimmenti and Anna ingrassia

Maddalena INgrassia 6-5-1833

Rosa Borgesia and ??


At this point I started just writing the names down, not parent info...If you want parent info just let me know and when I go back I will copy certificates for you..or get the info or whatever...


Rosalia Giordano 6-5-1833

Angela Geraci 6-3-1833

Giusto Picone 6-2-1833

Sebbastiano Sciarabba 6-1-1833

Eva Ferraggia 5-27-1833

Antonina Saneimitro?? Catania 5-25-1833

Angela Fanna 5-24-1833

Francesco Cottone 5-23-1833

Rosario Carlino 5-25-1833

Maria Tubbiolo 5-22-1833

Innocenza Tubbiola 5-21-1833

Giuseppe Vaccaro 5-15-1833

Teresa Leone 5-16-1833

Giuseppe Megna 5-14-1833

Pietro Grano 5-13-1833

Vincenzo Di Pisa 5-12-1833

Antonino Tessitore 5-11-1833

Vincenza Scozzari 5-3-1833

Maria Ribbando 5-3-1833

Teresa Salerno 5-3-1833

Vincenza Gallitano 5-1-1833

Agata Modico 4-20-1833

Rosa Mortorana 4-19-1833

Salvadore Vitrano 4-19-1833

Caterina Schimi 4-13-1833

Salvadore Fodera 4-13-1833

Domenico Giordano 4-11-1833

Ignazio Susa (mother Santa Sidoti age 23 and father Giuseppe Susa)

Paolo Giannone 3-26-1833

Domenica Pipitone 3-4-1833

father Gaetano Pipitone age 42 mother Anna Ballestra age 30

Vincenzo Rizzo 3-2-1833

father Gaetano age 27 mother Rosalia Campizzaro? age 18

Pietro Bodemi? Bodani? 2-22-1833

Angela Schimmenti 1-21-1833

Caterina Pipitone 11-18-1832

mother Rosaria Campo age 26 father ? Pipitone age32

Concetta Schimmenti 11-18-1832

Filippa Aiena 11-14-1832

Caterina Sucato 11-3-1832

Filippa Arena 11-1-1832

Grazia Schimmenti 7-30-1832

Giuseppa Schimmenti 7-?-1832

Filippa Priola 5-17-1832

Pietro Sidoti 5-9-1832

Girolamo Schimmenti 5-4-1832

Agata Cerniglia 3-3-1832

Giovanni Priola 2-28-1832

Leonarda and Vincenza Priola (twins) 1831

Pietro Schimmenti 8-17-1831

Arcangela Priola 8-25-1831

MAria Schimmenti 8-21-1831

Antonino Schimmenti 7-13-1831

Vincenzo Schimmenti 5-9-1831

Pietro Pipitone 2-18-1831

father ??? mother Rosaria Campo


I am going to copy the indexes from the microfilm when I go back on Wed, and then I will give full index of everyone on tape when I have a chance...


Grace, still didn't see any Deserto's...


I didn't receive any emails about family tree software yet...still wondering which I should get...suggestions???


Jennifer Petrino


PS Grace, my House of Lloyd kit is being shipped to me tomorrow, as soon as I have it, I will send you catalogs...


>From Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, MIARELLO, SANFILIPPO


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 12:22 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Marianna Aiena

Hi folks..

Some of you may remember i am trying to find the death certificate for Marianna Aiena, who was born in Brooklyn on Oct 31, 1903. My grandmother had said she was 18 months old when she died (which would be sometime during 1905) but after visiting with my grandmother's sister will in Pennsylvania, she said the baby was only 9 months old, which would be 1904.  Is anyone going to be viewing any death microfilms from Brooklyn for 1904 anytime soon, and willing to look for her for me???

Thanks Jennifer


>From Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, MIARELLO, SANFILIPPO


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Friday, March 03, 2000 9:54 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Misilmeri microfilm results


Hello everyone,

>From Misilmeri Microfilms:




Cristina Cerniglia (this is my gg-grandmother!!!)

father Natale age 31 <1812> and mother Antonina Spezio age 28 <1815>

Has anyone heard this name before Spezio?? I found Cristina had a brother, Filippo born 1-18-1846, but on that certificate it says di Spezio instead of just Spezio....


Rosalia Aiena

father Rosario

mother Francesca Sucato


Fabrizio Lo Franco

Giovanni and Anna Agnello


Girolama Aiena

Gaspare Aiena and Angela ???


Salvadore Cerniglia

Giovanni and Giusta Raffa


Francesco Aiena

Giusto and Vincenza di spezio

2-1-1846 Antonina Aiena

antonino and Francesca Fascella

BIRTHS--these are from a photocopy of the index, and I just realized it

doesn't have the month written on it! So I just have the names for now. If

you need further info on any of these names let me know...

Maddelena Proietta (orphan)

Natale Cerniglia

Filippa Pirello

Stefano Passantino??

Cosenza Romano

Caterina Cerniglia

Andrea Amore


Spidero? Randezzo

Stefano Proietto (orphan)

Rosaria Tavinella

Laurea Patti

Giuseppe La Mantia

Giovanna Valentino

Ninfa Lombardo

Anna Abbate

Giuppina Ca??alrio???

Vincenzo Crosti

Filippo Favaro

Antonino ??

Rosa Correnti

Francesco Serraggia ??

Domenico Lo Presti

Giuseppa Campo

Carmela Troina

Michele Benigmo

Giovanni Lo BUe

Rosario Ferraro

Rosa ?iorello

Antonina Bonifazio

Giusto Romano

Francesco Mecca

Angela Lombardo

Arcangela Lo Presti

Rosa Di Martino

Francesco Mandala

Giuseppe Carlino

Giuseppe Priola

Domenico Pirrello

Domenico Bondi

Rosaria Fiduccia ??

Maria Pirello

Giuseppe Ferraro

Rosaria Bonanno

Faustina Proietta (orphan

Guistina Cerniglia

Giacomo Solivna??

VIncenzo Agnello

Antonina Romano

Rosaria Vitrano

Francesca Raccoglia

Francesca Correnti

Anna Farinella

Francesca Bondi

Anna Ferraggia

Ignazio ?iocendo

Salvadore Maluba?

Giovanni Troina

Paulo Mannoja

Caternia lo franco

Antonino Pisa

Giordano, first name??

Anna Giordano (could be twins with above?)

Rosalia Corso

Anna Armone

Giusta Bonanno

Giacino Trentacosta

Guisto settecosi??

Antonio Scianna

Francesco Nicosia

Andrea Sileci

Giuseppa Schmaro?

Rosario Cimo

Giusto Scianna

Marianna Tomasino

Anna Correnti

Salvadore ?ulofaro

Carmela Tocco

Giusto Romano

Giusta Randazzo

Francesca Piroino

Luciano Falletta

Girolamo Aiena

Giuseppa Affronti

Ramzia? Ingoglia?

Francesca Mauro

Gaetana La Rosa

Ramebolo qurelia Agata Rosina

Antonina S? orphan

Isidoro Guccione

Agostino Benigno

Bonaventuva Proietta orphan

Giovanni S Amato

Giovanni di marino

Bernardo carrona?

Filomena Romano

Pietro Schimmenti

Felia MOsca

Filippa Giuffrida

Maria lo Bocchiaro

Giuseppa Mirabila

Angela Mosca

Innocenza Lo Giusta

Vincenzo Triolo

Francesca Carlino

Biaggio lo Giusta

Michelangelo Gucciaro

Filippa di Pisa

Antonino Bruno

Domenico Picone

Salvadore Saitta

Pasqua Proietta orphan

Giuseppe antonino schimmenti

? Siragosa

Giusto Fascella

Angrea Gioeli

Giovanni Orlando

Angela Aiena

Francesco d'Amato

Giusta Schimmenti

Francesco Rizzo

Angela Comito

Giuseppa Bonanno

Maria Teresa Mone

Filippo La Hia

Adamo Buono

Ottavio Gurufi?

Giovanni Chinnici?

Francesca Bodami

Giovanni Bonanno

Rosario Oliveri

Francesca Di Martino

Antonina Sai

Andrea Correnti

Vincenza Agnello

Giusto la Barbera

Anna Schimmenti

Bartolomeo Valentino

TOmmmaso Lo Giusto

Stefano Schimmenti

Giuseppa Campo

Giusppa Gugliardo

Giusta Ferraro

Gaetano Cimo

Francesca la Barca

Antonio Bonanno

Giovanna Lo Giusto

Giacomo Aiena

Caloggero Guccione

Caterina Correnti

VIncenzo Schiachi

Giutsa Baliano

Gasparia Militano

Anna Di Feda

Fillippa Di dato?

Giovanni lo dico

Giustina Comito

Paolo CorrentiAgata Mosca

Rosalia Romano

Vincenzo Racciaglia

Giuseppa ?

Giuseppa Gambino

Antonina Sai

ANgela Scianna

Gaspare Giacalone

Andrea Albezzani

Giusto Costantino

ANgela Falleta

Indero Schimmenti

Pietro Schimmenti

ANtonino Piroino

Anna Priola

Rosa Polvorao

Francesca Catania

Vincenza Pilippi

Carlo Balletta

Antonino Farinella

Carlo Chiarocame??

Giuseppe Pipitone (father Giusto and mother Giusta Corso)

ROsa LoBianco

Maria leratino

Sarofina Napoli

Francesca LoFar???

TOmmaso Lo Gusto

Antonino Princietta

Giuseppa VOsta

Luigi Mandala

Salvadore Guccione

Filippa Amodeo

Gaspare Spanglia

Pietro Galofaro

Loranzo Shoto

Vincenza Lo Bue

Pietro Di Piena

Giuseppe Schimmenti

Giuseppe Pirello

Francesco Malone

Salvadore Tardibono

Rosalia Marchese

Lazzaro (ORphan)

Caterina Marino

Gaspare Benanni

Antonina Bonadauci

Girolomo calandria

Domenica Schimmenti

Margherita Affronti

Giusta Guccione

Rosaria corso

Benedetta Pirrello

Benedetta Fascella

Francesco Sucato

Giuseppe Bonanno

Carmelo Valenti

Giovanna Catania

Castrenze TRoina

Anna Gulofaro

Giuseppe Macaluso

Francesca Schimmenti

FIlippa Aiena

Pietro LoBOcchiaro

Antonino Vitrano

Giuseppa Martorana

Luchiana Cavarretta

Giusta Cimo

Anna Schimmenti

Salvadore Tannillo

Domiano Campo

Nicolo Cosimano

Elizabetta Proietta Orphan


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 9:33 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] names

Hi listers...

I got an email from my cousin, regarding some of the info that I found about the Gulino / Bucalo line from Sciacca...thought you might find it interesting...

Vincenza Bucalo is my Aunt Francis...Her real name is Vincenza....Also, Mom shared a cute story, that Anna Bucalo had an uncle on her mothers side, a Craparo, was like a Robin Hood of their day...He used to steel from the rich and give to the poor....

Now, how do I find out about this person????

JEnnifer :-)


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Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 9:51 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] misilmeri


Hi listers...


I went back and viewed the microfilms again today, to look for anything I may have missed...I did find a few things for myself, and I hope some of the stuff I wrote down for all of you helps...

Tim, I will add your DiFiore to my list of names to keep an eye open for...I feel like I may have seen it before, I will check through my records...Hope the Pepitone's/Pipitone's have been helping..


>From the Sciacca tapes...


Pat, Once again there are a million Sabella's and Guardino's! My pen would run out of ink before I could possibly write them all down, but I did look for the specific's that you gave me and I did start to write down all the ones I found, although not all the other info too...Also, have a few Gulino's (surname I am looking for) who are married to SAbella's, so we may end up related!

Caterina Guardino Born March-7-1873

Father Vincenzo 44 years old, and Vincenzo's father's name was STefano

Mother Antonina Catania 30 years old, her father's name was Antonino

Hope this is the right Caterina. It was the only one for 1873, but there

were some Caterina's in the years surrounding...

I didn't see any domenico Sabella for 1869...

And I didn't have the tape for 1881 to look for Francesca...

Here is some of the info I did find from the Sciacca tapes...



Guardino, Calogero 2-23-1869

Guardino, Margherita same date, they were twins

parents Salvatore and Providenza Guiarani??

Sabella, Antonia 4-1869

Amato, Ignazia 5-25-1869 Father:Vito Amato (30, father Vincenzo)

mother: Caterina Amato (30)

Guardino, Stefano 6-7-1869

Sabella, Maria 6-23-1869

Guardino, Francesca 7-16-1869

Sabella, Salvatore

Guardino, Vincenzo

Sabella, Vincenzo

Sabella, Antonino

Guardino, Vincenza

Sabella, Calogera

Guardino, Alfonza

Sabella, Guiseppe

Guardino, Leonardo

Guardino, Caterina

Guardino, Caterina



Rosa Guardino

Anna Guardino

Maria Guardino



Guardino's--Antonia, Stefano, Guiseppa, Agata, Anna, Accursia

Sabella's--Accursia, Vincenza, Lugiamo, Vito, Anna, Vita, Pietro, Calogera,

Maddelena, Calogera, Vincenzo



Guardino--Anna, Stefano, Salvatore, Giuseppe, Anna, Accursio, Domiano,

Maria, Salvatore, Alfonso, Vincenza, Francesca Aurelia

SAbella--Guiseppe (2 of them), Santo, Accursio (4 of them), Accursia,

Anofario, Calogero, Giovanna, Antonia, and diego


Ok, I also wanted to thank Janna for sent me an email a while back about passenger lists arranged by soundex at the LDS, and today I ordered some films that may have some family memebers on them...thanks!


I also found a lot of Gulino's, the name I was looking for in Sciacca, so if anyone else is looking for Gulino's, I have a whole bunch!


Some other surnames associated with the gulino births...


Traficante, Vitale, Chiarello, Marinello, Corrao, Maggio, Cusimano, Siatta,

Mantia, Liotta, Scaturo, Folio, Ciaffo


Good night everyone!



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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 3:01 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Guardino/Sciacca

Hi Lisa,

I am also researching in Sciacca, surnames are GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO and CRAPARO, that I know of so far...If you come across any of these surnames, please let me know...I have recently been viewing some microfilms from Sciacca, and I know a few people on this list are looking for Guardino's, I passed along the info I found on them already and it was posted to the mailing list...If you need it again, let me know, I will email you privately with it...

Good luck!


PS I better mention this, or I will kick myself if I don't...When I asked my grandfather's sisters what they thought their grandparents names were, the names they gave me were: Gaspare Gulino and Lillian Sanfilippo...they were completely wrong, it was Francesco Gulino and Calogero Craparo, but I am wondering where they came up with Gaspare and Lillian Sanfilippo, and when I saw Sanfilippo as one of the names you were searching from Sciacca I wondered if they are remembering a fact, but remembering it as the wrong people..let me know if that looks at all familiar to you, a Lillian Sanfilippo..


jennifer :-)


>From Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 9:16 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Guardino/SS Patria

Hey everyone...Couple of things

Connie, my great-grandmother also came on the SS PATRIA 4-4-1900, so I guess that ship did a lot of trips and for a long time! Let me know if you get a picture, I would like to have one for my keepsake book...

Calling all Guardino's: My grandfather (the husband of my grandma that passed away in February) turned up at my house today, he drove by himself all the way from Lancaster Pennsylvania. While he and I were eating dinner (sausage and peppers! Yum!!) I was asking him questions, and he said that he and my grandma drove to California for their honeymoon 60 years ago (in a FOrd Model A!!). He said, "we stopped to see my cousins at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Address #1 Fisherman's Wharf, Guardino's Fresh Fish was the name of the place" I nearly fell off my chair!!! All this talk on the list about Guardino's and I was helping you guys also, and I might be related!!! He can't remember their names, or how they are related, but I know it is on the Gulino side, which is from Sciacca. Do any of you have relatives in San Fran, and anyone who owns a fish place on Fisherman's Wharf????? Maybe we will find a connection...

Lastly, I want to mention again that I work for Gifts by House of Lloyd, and our new catalogs came out a few weeks ago, and we have available a Family Tree Keepsake Book...It is 78 pages, hardcover book, with space to fill in family tree, traditions, recipes, pasttimes, all kinds of memories, pictures, and it has a pull-out poster of a big tree and you fill in your family on it...It is $24.95 plus $3.50 handling and your local sales tax.  It is really a treasure and I am filling mine out, and putting it in my cedar chest, and I keep imagining, 100, 200, 300 years from now, someone finding that book and learning all about our family! Don't we wish that one of our ancestors had done that!! Anyway, if anyone is interested, email me privately at

Have a good weekend everyone!

Jennifer :-)

Pensacola Florida-enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having!!!  

Gifts by House of Lloyd, Christmas Around the World, Cookin' the American Way.  Allow me to help you shop from your seat, not on your feet!


Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 9:22 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] soundex passenger list

Hi Bonnie,

I have ordered the microfilms you asked about, for A500, B240, G450, and S530. they are due to arrive this week, I will let you know what is on them...The cards for ships arriving 1897-1902 had passenger name, accompanied by, country of origin, language, read, write, age, name of ship, date of arrival, amount of money with them, and who were they going to see. I think that is everything those had, and I am guessing that the 1902-1943 will be the same...

For my great-grandmother, Anna Bucalo, who came on SS Patria 4-4-1900, on the actual passenger list, it said she was going to see her Uncle Giuseppe. but no last name!!!! no address, nothing! UGH!

On a few of the names, it had numeric codes next to it...Next to Anna it said 2x112773 3-11-41 (505) Does anyone know what these numbers might mean? on someone else's name it had the 505 first, before the date.


jennifer :-)

Gifts by House of Lloyd, Christmas Around the World, Cookin' the American Way. Allow me to help you shop from your seat, not on your feet!

Misilmeri, Palermo province, Sicily: SCHIMMENTI, AIENA, CERNIGLIA, BORGESE,


Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2000 10:07 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Lo Re

Hi Dave,

I have a Caterina Lo Re in my family. She married into the AIENA family of Misilmeri, Palermo Province. Here is all I know. I have not done any further research on Lo Re, because she is not in my direct line.

Caterina Lo Re, born 7-8-1871, died 11-2-1947, married Natale AIENA on 4-12-1892. She had 4 children: giacomo, Cristina, Giustina, Rosaria. All of this took place in Misilmeri.

Giacomo and Cristina came to America, and I have been trying to find their descendants for a while. I found giacomo on the Social Security Death Index.

Does anyone know what to do when you find them on the death index. I mean, I know I can send a letter and get the copy of the original application for their SS, but I want to know, how do I find out who they were married to, or who was getting SS payments type thing...Not that I care who was getting paid, but of course, it could be a living relative that I would find!  Since I don't know a thing about him, except his birth and death dates, I don't know what to do next. Suggestions???

Jennifer :-)

Gifts by House of Lloyd, Christmas Around the World, Cookin' the American Way.  Allow me to help you shop from your seat, not on your feet!


Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 9:53 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Buscemi

Hi listers....

Ok, I went back through some of the things this evening, since there were a few remarks about the Buscemi name I mentioned...

It was definitely Michael Buscemi. I don't know the age, or where he came from. I have a picture of him as a young child, perhaps 8-10 yrs old, with my grandpa and a cousin. somewhere around 1920's....I am pretty sure the picture was taken in Blairstown, NJ. My great-grandfather died in 1926, and the picture was taken before then, and I know that he died in Blairstown...

I still have to try and find the Di Gangi and Giambrone letters that I saw...I will keep looking...



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From: David & Jennifer Petrino []

Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 7:31 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] stuff & Belmonte Mezzagno, Altavilla Milicia

Hi again listers....

Yes, I meant to put face cloths, (not face clothes!!!) as in wash cloths, and those were good ideas about cutting up a towel....  I also meant to tell you that in one restaurant, the one in Arona, the didn't have a toilet in the bathroom, just a hole in the floor that flushes like a toilet. You should have seen my husband when he saw that! He actually took video film of it because he said no one would believe him!  Also, every hotel room and home has a bidet...and I mentioned to my cousin that that was not as popular here, that you don't find that everywhere...and she was shocked and asked how we get along with out it, that they use it for "everything" on days when they don't take a regular shower....Of course, this made me shocked! :-)

For those of you who asked me to see if I can find out any further info for them while in Misilmeri (grace & Tim) I had your emails out and ready when we arrived at the Ufficio Anagrafe, but because of the reception we received and then the filming and everything, I was in such a daze of amazement and I did not have time to ask them about it....Basically they were closed as of 2 oclock and we arrived at 2 for our appointment and they had this giant reception prepared. Then when we began filming about 330 pm, they were all anxious to finish and go home and I didn't have time to ask....but perhaps the email address will help you find further information...or you can write to the priest at the Chiesa Matrice also...He was very kind (of course, he is a priest!)...I suppose it wouldn't hurt to mention that I gave you the email address, etc too!

Some things about calling Italy...I am not positive about this BUT I think when you call Italy from US, you have to dial 011 first, that is the country code...then you dial the province code (for Belmonte Mezzagno it is 091, but you leave off the 0 and just dial 91 if calling from US....So for instance, you would dial 011-91-872-95-93 for the Anna Maria listed below....If you were calling from Italy you would just dial 091-872-95-53....Anyone know anything about this? AM I correct???

Now, Sandra, here is some info for you...

Belmonte Mezzagno code 091

Gioe, Anna Maria, 21 v. Narzisi, 872-95-53

Gioe, Francesca, 97 v. Vallone Ponte, 872-80-22

Gioe, G. Battista, 102 v. Kennedy, 872-96-11

Gioe, Giovanni, 128 v. Aido Moro, 873-64-96

Gioe, Vincenza, Cartolibreria 42 v. Casalini, 872-97-36

There were lots of Benigno's...any particular first names???  Also lots of Pizzo's, any particular first names???  and lots of Spera's!!! any particualr first names?  If anything, I can scan the pages and send them as an attachment, possibly....  You tell me what you would like! :-)

Lobiondo, Antonino, 21 v. Misilmeri, 872-97-85

Lobiondo, Giovanni, 18 v. Piazzetta, 872-90-97

Lobiondo, GRECO Rosaria Giovanna, 138 v. Papa Giovanni XXIII, 872-81-27

Lobiondo, Liboria 20 v. Mammana, 872-05-47

Lobiondo, Ludovico, 4 v. Ugo la Malfa, 872-98-30

Lobiondo, Mario, 178 v Papa Giovanni, 872-83-60

Lobiondo, Salvatore, 142 v Papa Giovanni XXIII, 872-81-11

Lobiondo, Salvatore, 4 v. Ugo la Malfa, 872-86-05

I don't remember seeing this town while there, however, things were going by at 95 miles per hour, so I could have easily missed it! :-)

The Lombardo's in Altavilla you want some addresses ???? there are about 35 in there....  :-) Excited to be helping all of you who have helped me!

Jennifer :-)

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Misilmeri, Palermo province, Sicily: SCHIMMENTI, AIENA, CERNIGLIA, BORGESE,


Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] more info from Italy/Sicily trip

Hi again listers...I am going to wear out my keyboard with all these emails!  First, I have a Palermo province phone book from 1996/1997. It includes phone numbers and addresses for these cities/towns:





Altavilla Milicia



Balata (roccapalumba)



Belmonte Mezzagno








Campofelice di fitalia

Campofelice di roccella





Capuano (gangi)

Cardellino (caltavuturo)

Cardillo (Palermo)





Castel di Lucio

Castellana Sicula

Castronovo di Sicilia




Chiusa Scalfani




Contessa Entellina




Geraci Siculo





Grisi' (Monreale)


Isola delle Femmine


Lercara Friddi



Misilmeri :-)




Montemaggiore Belsito

Motta d'affermo

Palazzo Adriano


Petralia Soprana

Petralia Sottana

Pettineo (ME)

Piana degli Albanesi

Polizzi Generosa


Portella di mare





San Cipirello

San Giuseppe Jato

San Mauro Castelverde

Santa Cristina Gela

Santa Flavia

SAnto Stefano di Camastra (ME)



Sclafani bagni

TErmini Imerese





Tusa (ME)



Ventimiglia di Sicilia





Ok, some more stuff...whew, that was a long list...Please, email me privately with makes it much easier to write back then having to cut and paste from the list....

The cemetary in Misilmeri:

Cimitero Roccapalumba

c/o Custode Piazza Domenico

90036 Misilmeri (PA) Sicily

0113918723830 telephone

The cemetery here is very small, only about 3 acres. Every 20-25 years or so, they have to remove the bodies from the tombs and put them together in a mass tomb. Then they reuse the tombs. They have some records here that you can write and request information, but it seems that they may not go back very far. I looked for some of your surnames, and my husband took video of a lot of tombs. I saw 1 Pipitone, Nicosia, and some other names that I recognized I was supposed to be looking for....I have to watch our video that we filmed and write down all the info for you. Also, on the front of each tomb, along with name, birth and death dates, there were pictures so that is kind of neat....When I have a chance to watch the video with a pad and paper, I will write down all the names I have filmed...

Comune di Misilmeri


Current address (They are in a temp bldg while the Municipal bldg is being renovated)

Piazza Comitato N. 26

90036 Misilmeri (PA)

Attenzione Assessore Vitrano

Thomas Randall....The Saglimbene info you gave me did not match anything that my Saglimbene family recognized...I will see if I can find out anything further for you...

As you probably read in my notes about the trip, the driving in Sicily is   not the easiest...some others may not have found the experience the way I did, but just in is the name of the company that the film crew used to hire a car and driver...AutoEuropa, Gaetano Piraino,, email I have a Palermo street map that has all sorts of other info on it, such as hospitals, airlines, buses, cabs, taxis, metro, markets, public offices, churches, tourist info, and all the places and things to go and see...

Chiesa Matrice (Mother Church for the town of Misilmeri)

c/o Parrocchia S. Giovanni Battista

90036 Misilmeri (PA)

091-8732558 telephone

Padre Alessandro Minutella

They have records of births, marriages, deaths back to 1625!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! I think that is it for now....As I think of more stuff I will email it to you...I have some pictures that I am going to scan and put on my website, as well as some to send to Donna for soon as I have done that stuff I will let you know!

Have a great week everyone!

Jennifer :-)

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Misilmeri, Palermo province, Sicily: SCHIMMENTI, AIENA, CERNIGLIA, BORGESE,


Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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Subject: add to travel - [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Italy/Sicily trip

Hi listers....I promised I would write about my trip when I returned, so here goes....

Day 1:

David and I left last Tuesday, and arrived in Milan about 3 pm Wed., rented a car and met Joe (my cousin) at the hotel in Legnano (a small town about 1/2 hour from Milan), quickly brushed our teeth, brushed our hair and rushed out to meet my internet friend Mauro Pescarino at the Santa Maria della Grazia Church in Milan, where the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting of The Last Supper is painted on a wall. It was beautiful, and so big!!! It takes up an entire wall...not a wall like in your house. I mean a GIANT wall...It is huge and the detail is incredible. The way it is painted to make it look 3 dimensional... beautiful....I am glad we went.  After this we walked over to the Duomo, the massive cathedral in the center of Milan, and then to the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel (famous Shopping mall), and the also famous La Scala Opera House. It was a fun walk...Me, David, Joe, Mauro and his friend Soraya...David, Mauro and Joe stared at the girls (there are beautiful girls in Milan, and it is the fashion capital of the world, so the clothing was incredible. Fun to people watch.)  We drank and ate some little hors d'ouvres in a little outdoor cafe near the Galleria and then walked back to the car....

For dinner, we went to a little restaurant that Mauro new about. We sat outdoors with plants all around us...Gosh, there are few words to describe how beautiful it all was. I felt like we were in a movie set...It was a little warm but with a breeze...We ate way to much and Mauro sort of ordered for us , which was terrific because we didn't know what to get. We wanted a typical Italian meal and we got it I think...We had antipasto (salami, cheese, olives, prosciutto, melon) and then pasta, and then a delicious dessert...Plus wine and I think a drink called Grapa (spelling??) that David drank too quick and almost choked! It is a strong liquor with kind of a lemon taste. If I am getting this wrong, I am sorry, we ate so much while there all the meals are running together in my mind and I can't remember what I ate and when I ate it!

Day 2

The next day the film crew met us outside the hotel and we drove to the home of Giuseppe Paradiso, his wife Teresa, and their daughters Barbara and Katia. (Ciao!) Giuseppe is the son of Francesa, who is the daughter of my great-grandmother's sister. Ha! Try saying that in Italian! Anyway, it was so wonderful to see all of them, and to meet for the first time Teresa and Katia (I met Francesca, Giuseppe and Barbara the last time I was in Milan in October). We did some filming here while we looked at pictures that I had brought (I Found pictures at my grandmother's house that said only "My cousins in Italy" but didn't have names on them. I am happy to say that I know who is in just about every picture and I have actually met almost everyone!!!) . Then we went to the town of Arona, on Lago Maggiore, a big beautiful lake in their area. It was we ate lunch, did a little filming and just enjoyed the day. It was a little hot, but again, a nice breeze to help cool off. We could see Switzerland from where we were, as this area is not that far from the border.....After this, we went from house to the home of Filippo (Francesca's brother), to Francesca's house, to Piero's house (Francesca's son)...They all have lovely homes and are wonderful people. We all felt very honored to be so welcomed by everyone.

We returned to Giuseppe's home for a massive feast which was really wonderful! The windows were open wide, there was a lovely breeze, it was so much fun to be sitting around a huge table, everyone drinking vino, laughing, smiling, mangia mangia mangia, and enjoying being together. It is what I have always dreamed a big Italian family should be...what I guess my grandmother must have experienced growing up, and one of the things I wanted to experience, one of the reasons for my family searching...We had the whole film crew here (4 of them), me, David, Joe, Giuseppe, Teresa, Barbara, Katia, Francesca, Mauro (Barbara's fiancee, different from the other Mauro), and Stefano (Katia's fiancee). It was wonderful....For those of you who know David's personality, Mauro and Stefano are just like him, maybe even more funny, so it was really a great time. AFter dinner, Piero (francesca's son) brought his family over, his wife, daughter and 2 sons, and we enjoyed that as well. It was one of my very favorite parts of the trip, everyone being together, one big family. We were having so much fun, I didn't even realize it was almost 11 pm at night, and we had a 9 am flight to Sicily the next day!

Day 3

Up early and on the plane to Palermo, Sicily. Sicily is beautiful.  Mountains, kind of dry, not a lot of trees, hot, oleander bushes blooming everywhere, palm trees here and there...It reminded me a lot of Arizona/Grand Canyon area....Kind of desert looking....They had crops growing right up the side of the mountains though...really incredible. We rented a car here also, Honda Civic station wagon actually, and boy did that little car get a workout! For those of you who live in Miami, you think the people there drive nuts! Whew! I think I must have gasped in fear 100 times while driving! David is a wonderful and skilled driver (thank God or we might be dead!) the people drive like nuts, I mean, if you have one lane to drive in, there are 2 cars and a motorcycle all trying to fit in the same lane and one car trying to pass at the same time. The rule in Sicily is this: when you come to a corner there are sometimes no stop signs (if there ARE signs, who cares!) so whoever has the biggest car gets to go first. Yes, that is what I said, who ever has the biggest car. Or whoever is bravest. :-) It was fun. Took some intersting film of driving the streets. You wouldn't believe it unless you experienced it, I swear. I have never seen so many cars in my life. They also have a lot of Piazza's (squares with monuments or statues in the middle, sort of like a roundabout), and you should have seen people going around those, holy cow!  Hold on for dear life....Oh, forgot to mention, on the main highway (like our turnpike or expressway, but with no lines separating the lanes) we were going about 145 Kilometers per hour, which comes out to about 95 mph. No I am not kidding, And the speed limit there is about 120 kmp, which is about 70 mph but no one cares.

Anyway, we checked into the hotel, and went for our 2 oclock appointment at the Ufficio Anagrafe in Misilmeri (the town where my great-grandparents came from). When we arrived , they had a whole reception waiting for us!  The mayor and cultural director were there and gave a speech welcoming us, they had a buffet of the typical food of Misilmeri (little bitty round pizzas, little round fried rice balls (sort of like a Cuban croquette but with rice, tomatoes and peas inside), fresh cheese, seafood, wine, caviar, and lots more...of course all these things have Italian names, but I can't remember them) the mayor presented us with huge flower was incredible. I couldn't believe it. If only my grandmother could have been there to see that. I know she was there with us, I FELT her there with me.  First, let me say, I think I am literally related to half the people (if not more) who live in Misilmeri. I got some new information while there, and got to see the actual handwritten documents from the 1800's!!! It was really incredible. The mayor said that in the early 1900's so many people from Misilmeri traveled to AMerica, that almost everyone there has relatives in America even now, so they consider AMerica their second country.

Day 4

The next day we went back to Misilmeri...In the center of the town there is a square with a big fountain...My grandmother had a picture of this fountain in her photo album, it is called the Piazza Fontana Nouva (New Fountain Square) and was built in 1772 (I think) in honor of a Catholic prince who "liberated" the people from their oppressors. Anyway, the film crew wanted to film this connection between my grandmother's photo album and the real thing....Met some interesting people while at the fountain.  One man who had taken lots of pictures around Misilmeri and made them into a calendar, and he gave me one. We went to the church (S. Gaetano) that my great-grandparents attended....There was a wedding being held, as it was a Saturday, so we were only able to go right inside the doorway....Saw the houses where my family lived all the way back then...We then went to the cemetery, the only one for the town of Misilmeri, and went up and down the rows...They don't bury people below ground here, and the cemetery is only 3 acres, so every 20-25 years, they have to remove the bodies from the tombs and put them in group tombs, to make room for more deceased. I saw the tomb of my great-grandmother's sister, CAterina, who was Francesca's mother, Francesca's father's tomb, and those of other family members. There were so many Schimmenti's buried there, and all the other surnames too, except we didn't see very many Aiena's. We tried to take film of all the ones we saw, to reference later if necessary. We went to the Chiesa Matrice (Mother Church) where all the church records for the town are kept. We met the priest, who was very kind and spoke some English.  He took my name, address and the names I am researching and said he would start looking for me. He also showed us the actual original books that all the information is kept in, back to 1625. Yes, the year 1625. I was drooling with anticipation.

WE then went to lunch at Antonino Saglimbene's house. This is one of Francesca's nephews. (I hope I am getting this right!) What a feast! WE ate I think for 3-4 hours! It was really wonderful.  We were at their country house, outside of Misilmeri, in the mountainside. They had a garden that was lovely, with green olive trees (for olive oil), squash (several varieties), tomatoes (lots), figs, pears, eggplant, peppers, corn, all kinds of yummy things growing. Once again, we looked at pictures, filmed a little, and had a big family fun day....  After this we made the rounds to more houses, to the homes of some of the Di Pisa side of the family (children of another one of my great-grandmother's sisters), and also found an Aiena first cousin who we did not know existed! It was a very long day and we ate way to much!

Day 5

Went to Monreale, another little town outside of Palermo, and did a little bit of sightseeing and shopping and filming....Went back to Misilmeri for more eating and house visiting (ugh, too much food!) and then flew back to Milan. Monreale was lovely, and the Cathedral there is very impressive. We also stopped to see 2 churches in Palermo as well. The churches in Europe are so incredible, large with such beautiful details and paintings, etc. After we returned to Milan, we ate dinner at the home of Giuseppe and Teresa again, thankfully a nice light meal!

Day 6

Finally a day without the film crew! Although it is going to be a lovely story and a neat thing to be in this documentary film, it was a lot of work (I have new respect for actors and actresses, do it over and over and over). They also had certain things they wanted to film, so we couldn't just wander around and enjoy everything, we had to do certain things, etc etc. We didn't get to do as much shopping as I would have liked :-) (David was glad about this), and we didn't' get to really explore all over Misilmeri and the other neighboring towns...On the other hand, if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have been there in the first place, so, what can you do!? Today, we went with Barbara and her mom and future mother-in-law for a fitting for her beautiful wedding dress....It is being made at a shop, where they are actually there sewing the dresses at the same time.  You can go and pick out the dresses you like, and basically design your own dress and it is hand made, just for you....Incredibly beautiful. That was a lot of fun...

If you ever have the chance to travel to Italy or to Sicily, let me know and I can give you a few tips and things to know! For instance, they don't have face clothes like we do. They don't have air conditioning like we do, their showers are is all so different but really wonderful at the same time....Can't describe it properly...It's simply wonderful.


More to come.....

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Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO


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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Michael Palmieri


I have Cirrincione's in my family, however I don't know how they are connected. On the passenger list for when my great-grandfather came to America, it says he was going to stay with his cousin, Gioachino Cirrincione who lived at Elizabeth Street 145. Actually, first it said Relative in front of the name, and then that was scratched out and cousin was written above it.


My grandmother remembered them, but couldn't tell me how they were related, just that one of the Aiena's married a Cirrincione. Do you recognize the name Aiena or have that name in your family anywhere? My Cirrincione's and Aiena's were from Misilmeri, Palermo province. I don't know for sure about the Cirrincione's but there were lots of them in Misilmeri.





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A family tree can whither if nobody tends it's roots....

Researching the following surnames:

Misilmeri, Palermo province, Sicily: SCHIMMENTI, AIENA, CERNIGLIA, BORGESE,


Sciacca, Agrigento province, Sicily: GULINO, BUCALO, CHIARELLO, CRAPARO