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From: Alice Pecora []

Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 4:10 PM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Pecoraro

I just started doing research on my husbands family. Here's what I have.

Leopordo Pecoraro, born in Sicily. Came to Buffalo, NY area to work as a mason with several brothers. He married Patrina Battaglia, and they had 8 children.

Mariano Pecoraro, b.10/31/1900

Marietta Pecoraro, b. 8/7/02

Antonino Pecoraro, b. 2/9/04

Lillia Pecoraro, b. 12/17/05

Guiseppe Pecoraro b. 12/16/07

Salvatore Pecoraro b.9/14/09

Leopardo Pecoraro b. 5/28/12

Cosimo Pecoraro b. 12/01/13

Cosimo was my husband's father. He passed away a couple years ago.


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Sent: Saturday, December 11, 1999 9:23 AM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Tricarico/DiFato


Antonio TRICARICO, born april 22, 1875. died march 27, 1967

Mariantonia DiFATO, born march 22, 1881. died sept. 9,1931

Provence of Patenza

Do these names sound familiar to anyone?