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From: Norine Schiller
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2008 2:11 PM

Subject: Tarantino and Grupposo in Palermo, Sicily and Galli and Romano in Brescia, Naples and Palermo

I'm looking for more information on these relatives and don't know how to proceed. The only solid information I have is about the one son, who was my grandfather. I have living relatives in Palermo, but they don't have any idea how to get the information and seem unmotivated to help. Maria Concetta Tarantino was born 1860, died 1918 and married Natale Grupposo (1860-?) in about 1880 (dates approximate) in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Their children were Giovanna (born about 1881), Giuseppe Grupposo (June 15, 1887-April 4, 1976) and a younger daughter who may have been named Letizia or Graziella. I am looking for any information on Maria Concetta Tarantino and her parents, Natale Grupposo and his parents, and the couple's two daughters. (I am descended from the son.) Maria Concetta had at least one brother named Nino Tarantino, with one son named Gaetano and another son named Ciccio Tarantino, who had a wife named Annina. They lived near Naples during World War II. Nino and Ciccio are nicknames, so I'm not sure what their actual names would have been. I don't know that any of them every emigrated to America.

I know these great-grandparents' stats, but want to go further back in time:

Giacomo Enrico Galli (born Sept. 24, 1863) married Regina Romano (born July 19, 1863). I am guessing they married about 1885-1890. The first child's birthdate I know about came in 1891, but they had twins named Romeo and Giulietta who died, and they may have been the first born.

Giacomo Enrico Galli's parents were Pietro Galli and Lucia (unknown surname). I am guessing they were born around 1840. Giacomo ran a concrete factory in Naples in the years leading up to World War II. When war hit, he moved with his family to Palermo.

Regina Romano's parents names can only be guessed at because of the names of her children: They might be Arnaldo or Giuseppe and Amelia, but they could be anything.

Their other children were Arnaldo Odorico Galli, who immigrated to the United States in about 1920 and settled in Vineland, N.J., and daughters Amelia and Lucia, who married and stayed in Palermo, Sicily.