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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Re: Argentina Research


Hi Listers--I'm on this list because of looking for my Niemann lady from Hamburg who married an Italian ship engineer and went to Sicily. Her brother went to Buenos Aires, and here's my 2 cents worth about that:  I found him by sending a photo of him and his wife to the German-language newspaper in Buenos Aires, which the editor was kind enough to print. His pastor called to tell me that he and his wife were both dead and had no children--so I got closure to the mystery, but no hoped-for living relatives. Some young man from abroad had visited the widowed wife in the fairly recent past, and I have an idea that he was the son/grandson of the

sister who lived in Sicily, but I haven't tried--have no idea how to--get more info on that.


Is there an Italian-language newspaper in Buenos Aires? If so, they might be more helpful than the regular Spanish-language newspaper.


Just a few thoughts--and a way to get my NIEMANN surname on the list again.

:-) Lila


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Subject: Re: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Re: Niemann


I have to say that I really doubt there's a connection here, but I'm glad to see another Niemann on the Sicily list!  I know where all of my Niemanns were in 1835, and that might sound impossible to you, but here's the story: Frans FROHNE age 35 married the widow Anna NIEMANN in 1784. She was 64. He really married her farm, the Niemann farm, and then he was Herr (Mr.)Niemann. She died in 1791, and later that year, he married again, had 3 children, wife died, he married again and had one more child. Any people related to me by blood, with the Niemann name, began with these 4 children (but only 2 sons with the Niemann name).  My Johann Christoph Niemann and his brother Johann Bernhard Niemann both married in 1831, so their children were babies in 1835 in Lippe Detmold, when your Anton was born in Cloppenburg, Oldenburg. Of the 2 daughters, one married a Niebuhr (ancestors of the U.S. theologians) and one married a Plöger.  In my Johann Christoph's descendancy there is the Niemann girl who went to Sicily. I don't know where she was born, because her parents (I don't know whether they married in Lippe Detmold or Mecklenburg or ???) lived for a

time on a dairy farm in Mecklenburg. After their farmstead burned, they went to Hamburg where they had some kind of dairy business.


Thanks for writing! Lila


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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] German lady, Fraülein Niemann, to Sicily


Hi Listers! Can anyone help me with my question marks? I'm posting the entire story in hopes that it will ring a bell with someone. The person I hope to find through this list is of course the last Niemann mentioned, the girl who married an Italian ship engineer and went to Sicily to live.

My goal is to find living descendants of these Lippe-Detmold Niemanns, 2 sons of Friedrich Wilhelm August "Fritz" Niemann and his wife Augusta Thusnelda Ellerbrock:

1. Otto Niemann born ca 1890, died 1914, wife was Emma who perhaps remarried in Essen; they had

A. One son Otto Niemann Jr., died 1943-45; wife was Ivonne; they had

a. One son Otto Niemann III born 1942, a darling baby on photo. Living??

B. One daughter Magda; married? to whom?


2. Fritz Niemann born ca 1892, married Frida, went to "Mecklenburg where Hof burned, then to Hamburg where they had a dairy store; they had

A. Fritz Niemann Jr., married Susi, lived Buenos Aires where he died 1978, no children.

B. Fraülein Niemann, married (at Hamburg?) an Italian ship engineer, went to Sicily to live. Husband's name? Children?


Thanks for any help!

Lila Niemann Garner