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CANTONE - Sicily

PELUSO - Calabria

ROSA -Calabria

ORLANDO - Calabria

VIVACQUA -Calabria

VITA - Sicily


I have no idea to the towns yet, I've only been at this like 3 months.


Giuseppe Vita m.Maria Cantone,came to NY 1903

Domenico Peluso m. Maria Vivacqua came to NY 1887

Maria Vivacqua Peluso's parents were Thomas Vivacqua and Maria Orlando.  I don't know if they migrated or not yet.


Yes, they are all Maria's.

Domenicos son Francesco (Frank) m. Maria (Mary) Vita , these are my grand-parents.

I can safely assume we're not putting the Irish surnames here, correct?

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 ... It's great! My grand-father Francesco PELUSO was born on Mulberry Street 1895 and this really gives life to my research.  Which, by the way is as important as the research itself.

Many,MANY thanks for this blast from the past!! Going back to finish looking, just wanted to thank you!

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O'Connell, Forrest, Moody, Avent, Triggs, Trinnick, Holland, Gardener, Flood, O'Donoghue, Sullivan, Ryan, Pelicy, Henning, James, Vita, Peluso, Vivacqua, Cantone, Perrone, Orlando, Rosa.


Shannon, Readey, Wynne (Winne), McDonnel, Seawood, Mahrenholz, Hoke, Humphreys, Bransby, Gros, DeVine, Pauba, Hejl, Amreiter, Ritz, Charvat.

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I can't remember if it was this list or not where someone was looking for the name PIPITONE, but scrolling thru the NY boroughs 1906-1909 grooms index,  I recognized the name and copied the entry. The marriage entry was for:

PIPITONE, Vincenzo 09 May 1909 cert.# 6142

Maureen (NY, USA)