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i am looking for anything on Rosaria Buono Born Oct.2, 1881. Philip Tamburella Born 1878

Guiseppe Spinnato born around 1734.Carmella Seminaro. don't date of her birth. They all came from Enna.

Rosaria had 5 brothers. Pat, terry, Michael and Paul and Anthony and 1 sister Mary.

Philip had 2 brothers Anthony and Joseph and 1 sister Mary.

guiseppe came to this country in 1899 and landed in Baltimore. My dad came to this country on the Marco Minghetti on july 12,1901 from Napoil.

have nothing on my uncle Joe spinnato or my aunt adelina spinnato or Carmella Seminaro Spinnato.

Guiseppina Tamburella was born Feb.26,1902 she had 1 sister Francis and a brother who died young. i can't found her arriving any where she gave me the ships name, but i can't founded it any where the name of the ship was the DON DelGaie or something like that.  she and her sister and mother and new step-father came over during the first war world.  She remembers that they where afraid that might get blown out of the water. If there is any one who might something Help.  Thank you had have a Buona Festa and don't eat to much. God Loves You and watches over You. God Bless.

Rosie Magee