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Subject: Re: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Introduction

I, too, am researching Valguarnera. My surnames for this comune are are Mazzola, Interlicchia and Rivoli.  Since I am actively researching this area, I can be on the look-out for your surnames. Can you possibly give me a little more detail? If not, when I come across your surname, I can jot it down and e-mail it off to you.

Welcome fellow Valguarneran!!

-Steph L.

(in Montana, USA)

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I did not find my surname, so would like to be added to your list, please.


Location: Valguarnera, Caltanissetta, Sicily & Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy

Submitter: Stephanie Lang:

Family Website:

Details: Searching for more information on Salvatore Interlicchia and his wife Rosalia Pecoraro who possibly married in Strongoli, Calabria, Italy. Their children were Alfredo, born 1897 in Cantanzaro, and Armando, born 1901 in Strongoli.



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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] My Sicilian Families


Just wanted to post my Sicilian families again to see if anything "clicks" with anyone. Please let me know!


INTERLICCHIA, Alfredo - ggrandfather was born in Catanzaro, Italy; his brother Armando was born in Strongoli, Calabria, Italy; gggrandfather was Salvatore and gggrandmother was Roslia Pecoraro; the family may originally be from Valguarnera, Sicily


RIVOLI, Vincenzo - ggrandfather was born in Valguarnera, Sicily; he married Catherine Di Siervi in NYC in 1923; his parents are Alfonse and Palma Mazzola?


MINEO - this family is from Bagheria, Palermo, Sicily. I have it back to 1720 with documentation. Huge family; gggrandfather Francesco (b. in Villarosa) immigrated to PA in 1904; married Michelina Carlucci in

Villarosa, Caltanissetta, Sicily


TOMASELLO - this family branches off from the Mineo's; farthest back I have is Giaochino married Maria Ganci before 1793 in Bagheria, Palermo, Sicily


SCIANNA - married into the Mineo's; farthest back I have is Giacinto married Francesca Di Leonardo (also seen as "di Nardo") Feb. 1729/30 in Bagheria, Palermo, Sicily


LO MONACO - another branch of the Mineo's; married into the Scianna's; farthest back I have is Lorenzo married Benedetta or Domenica before 1750 in Sicily, most likely Palermo, where their children were born


GAGLIARDO - also seen as "Guagliardo"; branch of the Mineo's; married into the Scianna's; farthest back I have is Domenico married (1) Maria Aguglia before 1752, and married (2) Vincenza Bisconti Jan. 7, 1771 in

Baghreia, Palermo, Sicily


These are all the main branches I have researched so far. I have a website dedicated to my Italian families with links to documents, photographs and more details, which can be seen at:


Click on the "My Italian Trees" button to bring up these families in the lower frame.


-Steph L.