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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Mancuso, Accardo & Lentini help

Hi everyone. I am hoping that someone will recognize this information and be able to help out some. I have not had much luck at all.  My husband's great-grandfather, Francesco MANCUSO lived in Detroit.  According to the 1920 federal census he was 41 and came to America in either 1901 or 1907. His wife was named Filippa. Her social security application states that she was born April 4th, 1885 in Italy and her parents names were Sebastian ACCARDO and Antonia LENTINI.  We only were told that the family "maybe" came from Bagheria, Sicily. I haven't been able to find anything and the passenger lists showed quite a few Francesco MANCUSO's. Is there any area in Sicily where any of the above names are common, or are they all over the place? I've run out of ideas. No one even seems to know when Francesco died, only that it was during the 40's or 50's and no one knows where he's buried.  I'd appreciate any suggestions on this.