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From: Jean []

Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2000 2:57 AM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Getting Started

I am very happy to be a part of this group. My brother and I are just starting to research our father's father's side of the family.  Unfortunately, all of the older generation of relatives are deceased, leaving no one to ask for much of the basics such as "Where in Sicily is the family from?"

We have made some progress. We know that they were from Sicily. A sister is listed as being from Gibellina. Which makes sense geographically because my father's mother's family is from Contessa Entellina!

Here is what we have so far, if anyone has additional information or can point me toward a site to look up, suggest ANYTHING, I would be most grateful!

Great-Grandfather -- Pasquale Giovenco B? D?

Great-Grandmother -- Vincenza Divona Giovenco B? D?

Grandfather -- Peter Joseph Giovenco B Nov 5, 1902, D Oct 1976 Born in US

Grandfather's Brother -- James (Jim) Giovenco B Dec.8, 1892, D Dec. 5, 1967

We believe he entered the US through NY in 1901, which would seem to point to the family entering the US at the same time.

Grandfather's Brother Brother -- Joseph Giovenco B June 29, 1894, D March 1965


Grandfather' Sister -- Antonia Antoinette (Nettie) Giovenco Graffagnino B .Nov. 11 1881, D 2.Mar.1966 Married April 7, 1900 in Plaquemine LA.

Born in Gibellina, Sicily???

Grandfather's Sister -- Catherine Giovenco Scavo B? D?





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Sent: Sunday, January 23, 2000 3:37 AM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Pasquale GIOVENCO, 1901


Hello all,

The latest information from the family search, indicates that my Great-grandfather, Pasquale GIOVENCO came to New York City from Sicily, most likely from the town of Gibellina. We believe he left Sicily via Palermo in 1901.

We are not sure but believe that he was accompanied by his wife Vincenza BIVONA GIOVENCO and at least two children possibly Joseph GIOVENCO and James GIOVENCO.

If anyone possesses records, ship lists etc. that would help my brother and I in our search, we would appreciate it very much.