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as of March 2000:  my new address it


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Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 12:15 PM


Subject: Re: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Re: proverbs and a mystery


Hi Claire;

What family ties are you looking for? Mine is Gioe, from Palermo commune of Belmonte Mezzagno

Passanti, Passenti, LaConte, is from Bari and Aberrobello,

LoBuido?spelling, Benigno, Pizzo from Belmonte Mezzano

Take care


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Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 10:41 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Surnames



If anyone comes across these names let me know

Benigno; Gioe; Pizzo; Bruno; from Belmonte Messagno; Palermo

Passenti; LoConte from Aberobello; Bari

Thanks Sandra


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Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2000 1:11 PM


Subject: My new address

Hi Donna;

my new address it

Did you receive my email last week in regards to your ships list? I was looking at the SS Caledonia I came across some passengers that I could not transcribe that last names. Could you be so kind and let me know what they are? #'s are 34; 41;56;66;118;127;204;310;342;369; I am researching the surnames as follows






Thanks Sandra

PS: With all the excessive email I was receiving from the Sicily list my email crashed

Sandra L. Javier


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Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2000 9:37 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Surnames-Pizzo, Spero, Gioe, LoBiondo, Benigno

Hi List;

I found some more info on my lineage These are from Palermo, Sicily commune of Belmonte Mezzagno


Loconte -Legrottaglie from Alberobello

Passenti, Passentti, Passanti from BARI


Sandra L. Javier


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Sent: Friday, April 14, 2000 2:35 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Is anybody out there?]

Yes List;

I am still here... researching the following LoBiondo, Gioe, Benigno, Pizzo, Spera or Spero... all from Palermo

Pascenti / Passenti / Passentti / from Bari

Loconte, Legrottaglie, from Bari, Puglia

Hope to get somewhere soon.

Sandra L. Javier


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Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 2:07 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] & Belmonte Mezzagno Importance: High


Thanks again for this info; Belmonte is next to Misilmeri; or just above it.  Is there a zip code for this area. Also what form letter could I use to send here. Did you say you stayed in Misilmeri? I hope to visit within the next few months and I have to start planning. I need some tips on language and etc.  How are the roads. Do I have to be wary of bandits on the roads? Can you scan me a map of the area. I am also planning to visit Bari province.


Now, Sandra, here is some info for you...


Belmonte Mezzagno code 091

Gioe, Anna Maria, 21 v. Narzisi, 872-95-53

Gioe, Francesca, 97 v. Vallone Ponte, 872-80-22

Gioe, G. Battista, 102 v. Kennedy, 872-96-11

Gioe, Giovanni, 128 v. Aido Moro, 873-64-96

Gioe, Vincenza, Cartolibreria 42 v. Casalini, 872-97-36


There were lots of Benigno's...any particular first names???

Also lots of Pizzo's, any particular first names???

and lots of Spera's!!! any particular first names?

If anything, I can scan the pages and send them as an attachment, possibly.... You tell me what you would like! :-)


Lobiondo, Antonino, 21 v. Misilmeri, 872-97-85

Lobiondo, Giovanni, 18 v. Piazzetta, 872-90-97

Lobiondo, GRECO Rosaria Giovanna, 138 v. Papa Giovanni XXIII, 872-81-27

Lobiondo, Liboria 20 v. Mammana, 872-05-47

Lobiondo, Ludovico, 4 v. Ugo la Malfa, 872-98-30

Lobiondo, Mario, 178 v Papa Giovanni, 872-83-60

Lobiondo, Salvatore, 142 v Papa Giovanni XXIII, 872-81-11

Lobiondo, Salvatore, 4 v. Ugo la Malfa, 872-86-05


I don't remember seeing this town while there, however, things were going by at 95 miles per hour, so I could have easily missed it! :-)


The Lombardo's in Altavilla you want some addresses ???? there are about 35 in there....