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I just recently joined this list and am starting to research my husband's Italian side of his family, don't have a lot of information the this is all I have his ggrand father's name was FRAINO and was born in Italy; there were two sons could have been more; but there was John Fraino b. ? Italy and d. 11-12-1945 in Syracuse, NY he was married to Lousia DiOrio b. 5-14-1882 Italy, d. 3-2-1972 in Syracuse, NY, daughter of Clement DiOrio & mother unknown; and his brother was Rafaele Fraino b. 1882 in Italy, d. 9-21-1956 in Highland, NY he married a Maria Gallucci b. in 1885 d. 8-17-1954 also in Highland, NY from what little information we have they settled in Highland, NY which is north of New York City, not sure if Rafaele had any children; John and his wife moved to Utica, NY and three of there 4 children were born there and then moved to Syracuse until there deaths; John & Louisa's children were Pasquale, Anne, Ralph, and Virginia; Pasquale changed his name to Charles Donald Fureno sometime after his marriage to Marjorie Casler (my husbands parents) the others kept there last name Anne and Virginia lived in Syracuse all there lives and Ralph lived in Highland, NY and my husbands father lived in Mohawk, NY till his death. We are not sure were they came from in Italy there was mention of Sicily and Naples but not sure, we are not sure where to go from here they must have come to the US in the early 1900's as John's first child was born in 1905 in Utica, NY. Can anyone help me with places to look for them, really at a stand still right now! Would appreciate any suggestions of where to look from here, thanks for any help!

Lynn and John Fureno