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Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2000 1:41 AM


Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] First time to post


Hello List, I'm a brand new subscriber. I as hoping to connect with another research or family member. My branch came to New York, from Palermo Prov. in the early 1900's. Surnames: BORRELLO, DOMINICI, GIARDINA

This family stayed in the Mr. Paul area of New York, then headed to Michigan in the "teens" my branch finally ended up in Indiana. Related (friends or family ? ) surnames include, DeGARO, Purpora, LOMBARDO, SICILIANO. If anything looks familiar please contact me at:


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From: Angela Fischer


Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2000 6:21 AM

Subject: Giardina


Hello, I come to you from a general genealogy search for the surname GIARDINA.

I am looking for Maria-Concetta (GIARDINA), b. 12/8/1877 in or around Termini Imerese, Palermo, Providence of Sicily; d. 11/10/1961 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

She had a brother: Salvatore GIARDINA who wrote to her in 1955 (I have two letters) from Termini, Sicily. In said letters Salvatore mentions a niece named Rossina DiMARTINO, and a cousin named Carmello BORRELLO (different spelling than my branch: BURRELLO). I have many photos of this family--some identified, some not. I have "inherited" them from Maria's deceased daughter's estate.

Maria-Concetta is buried under the name Mary C. BURRELLO in Indianapolis' St. Joseph's/Holy Cross cemetery beside her husband, Salvatore P. BURRELLO. I know this is not his REAL name. He was know to his family by "Frank" (I believe he was "Francesco P. DOMINICI").

Maria's Alien Registration says date of emigration about 1905. She and her husband and all children were employed in various branches of the fruit/vegetable produce and meat butcher markets.

Her children were:

l. Marie-Stella "Stella" (Dominici)-BURRELLO, b. 2/21/1902 in Termini (?), Sicily, married Charles DeGARO.

2. Magdalina- Augustina " Mary Augustina" (D)BURRELLO, b. 1909, in New York, married Frank GRIFFO, son of Joseph or Gusippi GRIFFO

3. Antonio "Tony" (D) BURRELLO, b. 3/12/1909 in Mr. Paul, New York

4. Joseph Dominici BURRELLO, b. 2/28/1910 in Detroit or Grand Rapids, Michigan

5. Carlo (D) BURRELLO, b. 2/9/1912 in Michigan

6. James Vincent "Vincenzo" (D) BURRELLO, b. 11/18/1914, in Michigan

7. Salvatore "Sammy" (D) BURRELLO, b. 2/8/1917, married Mary Catherine LOMBARDO in Indianapolis, IN

8. Joan Frances "Josie" (D) Burrello, b. 2/8/1921, married Eugene TOWNSEND in Indianapolis, IN NOTE: This is not her real name, her mother called her "Gusippina", buried under "Josephine F. TOWNSEND, in 1998 in Indianapolis, IN

9. A "Foster daughter or cousin?" named: "Maggie" SICILANO :

Notes for Maggie: I don't know when she came into the family. She was raised as their daughter. She married a man surnamed BORRELLO (or some spelling of). If she was not already a natural relative.. This is a possibility of where the BURRELLO name came from. One story says name came from cousin Carmello BORRELLO (who had a daughter named Lena (BORRELLO).

Maggie and her BORRELLO husband had 9 sons. ---I would LOVED to find out where these three fit in to my tree!

Are you still awake? I'm getting really desperate as you can see. I've "posted" every place I can think of--Next I'll have to resort to a mass spamming of every (aforementioned) surname in the phone book---ha ha

I've come across several GIARDINA genealogy "posts" and references in all of my searching, Most seems to concentrate in New Orleans, LA--read EVERY Gedcom I've come across regarding THAT family, but haven't found a connection to them yet-- Why couldn't my branch have another genealogist in it?

Are you actively searching in Sicily? I REALLY wanted to get more info documented here in the US before I take on another country.

Thank you for your time and Good luck in your research and PLEASE, If you recognize any little thing.... e:mail me at



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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Termini-Emerese Database & Research Problems?

I would like to add some names to the (Termini Emerese, Sicily) database:

Maria-Concetta (GIARDINA),

aka: Maria-Concetta DOMINICI BURRELLO

aka: Mary C. BURRELLO

b. 12/8/1876 (or 1877), in Termini Emerese, Sicily

d. 11/10/1961, in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN

Married: (date unknown), in Sicily

Spouse: Francesco P. "Frank" DOMINICI (?),

aka: Salvatore P. BURRELLO

b. Abt 1875, (northern) Italy

d. 7/23/1950, in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN

Her Parents:

Father: Mr. Unknown GIARDINA

Mother: (Unknown)

Her Known Siblings:

1.Salvatore GIARDINA,

b. Prior to 1877, in Termini Emerese, Sicily

d. (?), in Sicily


2. Guiseppe GIARDINA

aka: Joseph "Joe" JARDINA

b. After 1877, in Sicily

d. (?), in Sicily

Hello list, I recently wrote a professional genealogist (found through the Sicilian Web ring) regarding research in Termini.  In his reply, he reports the following:  "Termini Imerese- the priest there has not been cooperative- we will try to resolve this, but there is no guarantee."

Has anyone out there had to work AROUND this problem...and what did you do?


Researching the following surnames: