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Subject: Rallo Vineyards of Marsala


Hi, I'm a second generation Sicilian trying to find out more about my family.  My family name is Rallo and most of them were winemakers. I'm not sure if my particular family was involved with winemaking or not, but still its all I have to really go on. I know that currently Rallo wines are offered on the website and even there is a family crest shown on the webpage. I don't know

if it applies to my family or not. My grandfather's name was Giacamo and he had a brother named John (maybe Giovanni) and he immigrated here sometime around 1910-1914? and settled in Lawence, MA. My father was Victor (Bito) was his nickname. I don't know if this helps.....please e-mail me and let me know.


Thanks, Victoria Rallo Feleo