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Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 6:06 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] FAVAZZA, LUCIDO, CAROUSU -- Palermo Dist


Greetings to all --

I have just subscribed to this list today & would like to post the surnames in my husband's direct line. Less than a week ago, I received a copy of his gfather's Intent & Naturalization papers & discovered the towns in which his gparents lived.

FAVAZZA - Terrazino, Palermo, Sicily

LUCIDO - Trappeto, Palermo, Italy

CAROUSU - Sicily (prob. Palermo Dist)

DORIO (D'Orio) - Sicily (prob. Palermo Dist)

Also, could someone please send me the URL for the archives to this list?

I would like to see if these names have been mentioned before so I do not frustrate everyone by asking questions which have been asked & answered many times.

If anyone has some special "pointers" for getting family information from the areas listing above, I would sure appreciate your assist. My next move is to actually write directly to the area to see if anything can be gained that way. It just confuses me when I try to figure out which records are located in the "civile" offices & which are held in the churches.

Thank you.

Bonnie F.


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Subject: RE: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Too bad I just found this list!

Dear Pat --

Oh, do enjoy your trip! That is wonderful. I am doing my Italian research on behalf of my husband & his family but each day I see the love & sense of family which is shared so freely. My husband's family is from Terrasini-Favarotta & immigrated to the Gloucester, Massachusetts, area as well as New Orleans & San Francisco (now living in both Monterey & San Pedro areas). The surnames are FAVAZZA, LUCIDO, CARUSO, D'ORIO, & DiMERCURIO (plus a lot more!).



Bonnie Favazza



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Subject: RE: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Need help


... About 4 wks ago my son & I were in an auto accident. We're fine but the car did not fare so well so I am without transportation. What I have been doing is transcribing copies of the indices for the various records & will gladly list all TRUPIANO listings that I have. Now, there is a "disclaimer" here: These extracts are to the best of my ability (some of the records are illegible), not all sections & years had an index, the man who made the copies did NOT put down what year the record was for on some so I do not know until I get back over there to check & I have not yet completed the proofing of my work for errors. That being said I will tell you that for each year there is a birth, marriage, & death section where the actual records are shown. Remember, I do not have access to these records, only the indexes, until I get another vehicle (at least September).  I hope some of this will be of help to you. If it looses it's format in mailing PLEASE write back & I'll put it on a WordPad document & sent it as an attachment.


Take care & let me know if you make any connections!!! I sure hope you do!

Bonnie F.


Here is your list:


1890 - Morte

Name Cert/Pg #

Bommarito, Maria 17

Bommarito, Graziano 52

Bommarito, Isabella 72

Bommarito, Francesco 103

Bommarito, Eloisa 108

Bommarito, Rosalia 110

Bommarito, Rosaria 114

Bommarito, Bito 121

Bommarito, Salvatore 131

Bommarito, Rsoario 134

Bommarito, Clemento 138

Bommarito, Vito 147

Pellerito, Vito 4 S. P.

Rubbino, Vito 8

Rubbino, Calogera 62

Rubbino, Antonino 106


1892 - Nati

Child Father Mother Cert/Pg #

Bommarito, Francesco Paolo /Lorenzo Sapienza, Grazia 2

Bommarito, Clemente Onorato Saputo, Maria 3

Bommarito, Antonino Carlo Zerilli, Rosalia 8

Bommarito, Rosalia Damiano Giordano, Grazia 40

Bommarito, Salvatore Antonino Alfano, Stella 35

Bommarito, Pasquale Mattea Serra, Stefano 58

Bommarito, Damiano Domenico DiMaggio, Grazia 95

Bommarito, Maria Vincenzo Orlando, Caterina 98

Bommarito, Davide Filippo Vitale, Cartienza 106

Bommarito, Grazia Salvatore Crochiolo, Agustina 128

Bommarito, Pietro Salvatore Bommarito, Benedetta 144

Bommarito, Alfonzo Giuseppe Bommarito, Anna 166

Bommarito, Graziano Benedetto Bommarito, Pietra 114

Bommarito, Rosario Angelo Aiello, Rosalia 181

Bommarito, Eleonora Vincenzo Aiello, Maria 193

Bommarito, Carlo Antonino Bommarito, Giuseppa 227

Bommarito, Elisabetta Giuseppe Manzetta, Grazia 241

Bommarito, Luigia Alfonso Consiglio, Marianna 261

Bommarito, Giuseppe Antonio Pia, Margherita 262

Bommarito, Francesco Francesco Zerilli, Grazia 282

Bommarito, Filippo Salvatore Zerilli, Vita 297

Buffa, Vito Pietro Trupiano, Rosa 203

Carollo, Salvatore Antonino Bommarito, Mari 183

Catalfio, Alessandro Giuseppe Trupiano, Giuseppa 245

Ciaramitaro, Salvatore Giuseppe Bommarito, Rosaria 318

Cilluffo, Antonino Faro Rubbino, Antonina 37

Cusumano, Grazia Antonino Bommarito, Maria 158

Delia, Pietro Antonino Bommarito, Anna 154

DiMaria, Vincenzo Salvatore Bommarito, Benedetto 169

Evola, Antonia Giacomo Rubbino, Maria 279

Evola, Antonia Giovanni Bommarito, Concetta 73

Finazzo, Caterina Giuseppe Bommarito, Rosalia 141

Giannola, Giuseppa Giovanni Pellorito, Rosalia 11

Lafata, Antonino Gaetano Bommarito, Rosaria 239

Lafata, Giovanni Salvatore Rubbino, Concetta 12

LoPiccolo, Gaspare Pietro Bommarito, Giuseppa 185

Lumetta, Maria Stefano Trupiano, Vincenza 178

Mannino, Salvatore Salvatore Bommarito, Rosa 116

Madonia, Rosalia Salvatore Bommarito, Girolama 184

Migliore, Sebastiano Gioachino Trupiano, Felice 130

Palazzolo, Carlo Vincenzo Bommarito, Girolama 36

Palazzolo, Giuseppe Girolamo Bommarito, Anna 225

Palazzolo, Vita Rosaria Vito Bommarito, Giuseppa 33

Pellerito, Pietro Gaspare D'Angelo, Caterina 1

Pellerito, Rosaria Giovanni LoPiccolo, Fasa 43

Pellerito, Rosalia Cesare Corrado, Melchiora 81

Pellerito, Antonino Vincenzo Valenti, Grazia 186

Pellerito, Gaetano Giuseppe LoPiccolo, Ninfa 15

Perna, Antonino Giuseppe Rubbino, Grazia 153

Pripiolo?, Marianna Vittorio Rubbino, Grazia 192

Rubbino, Antonino Gaspare Alongi, Rosalia 260

Trupiano, Girolamo Nicolo Palazzolo, Concetta 207

Trupiano, Antonina Salvatore Randazzo, Angela 31

Trupiano, Anna Vito Vitale, Caterina 59

Trupiano, Maria Fara Safano Delisi, Maria 140

Trupiano, Antonino Ciro Mishella, Maria 170

Trupiano, Girolamo Nicolo Palazzolo, Concetta 207

Trupiano, Antonina Giuseppe Valenti, Lucrezia 215

Trupiano, Giusppe Antonino Palazzolo, Elisabetta 248

Ventimiglia, Rosalia Gioachino Pellerito, Margherita 79

Vitale, Maria Agostino Pellerito, Grazia 168

Viviano, Rosalia Salvatore Bommarito, Maria 136


1892 - Morte

Name Cert/Pg #

Bammarito, Antonino 8

Bammarito, Barbara 74

Bammarito, Benedetta 26

Bammarito, Salvatore 87

Pellerito, Grazia 84

Rubbino, Grazia 67

Rubbino, Pietro 56


1893 - Nati

Child Cert/Pg #

Bammarito, Carlo 4

Bammarito, Filippo 6

Bammarito, Michele 32

Bammarito, Antonino 53

Bammarito, Angela 68

Bammarito, Matteo 84

Bammarito, Caterina 97

Bammarito, Paolo Vito 98

Bammarito, Maria 108

Bammarito, Pietro 132

Bammarito, Ciro 135

Bammarito, Francesco 163

Bammarito, Margherita 174

Bammarito, Paola 178

Bammarito, Girolama 219

Bammarito, Giuseppe 232

Bammarito, Savatore 265

Bammarito, Rosssalia 273

Bammarito, Margherita 277

Bammarito, Paola 286

Bammarito, Rosario 300

Bammarito, Carlo 314

Bammarito, Giuseppe 318

Pellerito, Nicolo 79

Pellerito, Antonio 9

Pellerito, Giuseppe 130

Pellerito, Grazia 149

Pellerito, Vita 284

Rubbino, Gaspare 112

Rubbino, Giuseppe 161

Rubbino, Calogero 272

Rubbino, Ciro 5

Rubbino, Giuseppe 63

Rubbino, Matteo 85

Trupiano, Rosa 23

Trupiano, Giuseppe 128

Trupiano, Vito 198


1895 - Matrimonio

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommarito, Antonino Fronteri, Anna 9

Bommarito, Carlo Tocco, Orsola 17

Bommarito, Pietro Saputo, Cirolama 20

Consiglio, Gaetano Bommarito, Antonietta 23

DiLeo, Nicolo Bommarito, Grazia 52

Finazzo, Salvatore Bommarito, Antonina 28

LoCricdrio, Vincenzo Trupiano, Orsola 36

Parisi, Alfonzo Bommarito, Maria 37

Pellerito, Filippo Gretlo, Rosalia 31

Pellerito, Giuseppe Bommarito, Giuseppa 13

Pellerito, Trivoro Ventimiglia, Madralina 26

Porta, Salvatore Bommarito, Francesca 40

Vitale, F.sco Paolo Bommarito, Rosalia 29



Name Cert/Pg #

Bammarito, Antonino 8

Bammarito, Barbara 74

Bammarito, Benedetta 26

Bammarito, Salvatore 87

Pellerito, Grazia 84

Rubbino, Grazia 67

Rubbino, Pietro 56

Trupiano, Maria 60

Trupiano, Vincenza 10

Trupiano, Vito 6


Unk Yr #1 - Matrimonio

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommarito, Vincenzo Aiello, Maria 3

Bommarito, Isidoro Lucido, Grazia 5

Bommarito, Vincenzo Gusmano, Rosaria 7

Bommarito, Salvatore Zerilli, Vita 16

Bommarito, Salvatore Brancaleone, Vincenza 41

Bommarito, ? Bommarito, Grazia 48

Cavataio, Giuseppe Trupiano, Giuseppa 28

Consiglio, Giovanni Bommarito, Nicolina 50

D'Anna, Giuseppe Pellerito, Antonina 32

DiMaria, Salvatore Bommarito, Benedetta 1

Lafata, Gaetano Bommarito, Rosaria 1

Moceri, Filippo Trupiano, Mattea 8

Pellerito, Vincenzo Valenti, Grazia 30

Rubbino, Giuseppe Megna, Carmela 40

Tocco, Francesco Bommarito, Rosa 35

Vitale, Agostino Pellerito, Grazia 39

Zangara, Fran.o Paolo Bommarito, Rosa 2


Unk Yr #2 - Matrimonio

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommarito, Alfonzo Consiglio, Marianna 1

Bommarito, Bincenzo DiMaria, Rosalia 13

Bommarito, Antonino Delisi, Rosalia 15

Bommarito, Filippe Todaro, Angela 17

Bommarito, Filippo Mazzola, Maria 29

Bommarito, Pietro Vitale, Maria Grazia 23

Bommarito, Domiano Ventimiglia, Grazia 44

Gusmano, Antonino Bommarito, Maria 20

Gazzarata, Antonio Felice, Bommarito Vita 24

LoIscano, Filippo Bommarito, Rosaria 4

LiCavoli, Domenico Bommarito, Giralama 34

Migliore, Gioachino Trupiano, Felice 35

Saputo, Salvatore Bommarito, Maria 7

Zerilli, Liborio Bommarito, Maria 19


Unk Yr #3 - Matrimonio [this actually is a diff list than above]

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommarito, Filippo Mazzola, Maria 25

Bommarito, Filippo Tadaro, Angela 16

Bommarito, Alfonzo Consiglio, Marianna 1

Bommarito, Pietro Vitale, Maria Grazia 27

Bommarito, Antonino Delisi, Rosaria 13

Bommarito, Vincenzo DiMaria, Rosalia 12

Bommarito, Damiano Ventimiglia, Grazia 43

Gazzarata, Antonio Felice /Bommarito, Vita 22

Gusmano, Antonino Bommarito, Maria 19

LiCavoli, Domenico Bommarito, Girolama 34

LoTacano, Filippo Bommarito, Rosaria 6

Maialiore, Gioachino Trupiano, Felice 32

Saputo, Saslvatore Bommarito, Maria 4

Zerilli, Liborio Bommarito, Maria 18


Unk Yr #4 - Matrimonio

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommarito, Giuseppe DiMercurio, Caterina 5

Bommarito, Benedetto Dbommarito, Pietra 27

Bommarito, Filippo Vitale, ? 29

Bommarito, Francesco Trupiano, Rosaria 32

Bommarito, Francesco Zeretilli, Grazia 49

Bommarito, Antonino Pisa, Margherita 50

Bommarito, Damiano Lafta, Rosaria 5 S.P.

Bommarito, Giuseppe Curcuru, Angela 39

Bommarito, Giuseppe Com, Anna 47

Lafata, Salvatore Rubbino, Concetta 28

Madonia, Salvatore Bommerito, Girolama 36

Pellerito, Gaspare D'Angelo, Caterina 23


Unk Yr #5 - Matrimonio

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommario, Cesare Bommarito, Eulalia 4

Bommario, Vito Evola, Antonina 5

Bommario, Giovanni Zerilli, Giuseppa 30

Giordano, Salvatore Bommarito, Maria 29

Unk Yr #6 - Matrimonio

Groom Bride Cert #

Bommario, Cesare Bommarito, Eulalia 4

Bommario, Vito Evola, Antonina 6

Bommario, Giovanni Zerilli, Giuseppa 29

Giordano, Salvatore Bommarito, Maria 25