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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Vizzini Family/Pietraperrzia, Sicily

Buon giorno! Especially to Sam and Angelo Vizzini!

I just spoke with my mother's cousin, Louis Falzone, who was in Sicily with his brother-in law, Leonard Palermino, this past fall. He visited the town of Pietraperrzia, in the Provinzia Enna, where my grandfather, Catino Vizzini was born. Apparently there are 2 descendants of the Falzone/Vizzzini families left there, but one is a drunk and one had a head injury and doesn't want to see anyone. Neither would speak to Louis. There is a street in Pietraperrzia called Ville or Villa Rosa. If anyone has any more information on the town or any knowledge of the Vizzini or Falzone families, please e-mail me.

Mille grazie,