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I am new to this list, having recently started working on my husbands family line. I have undertaken the research of both his maternal and paternal lines. His mother is from Ali, Sicily. Surnames associated with her are:


Gugliotta, Panto, Andronaco, Ferrara, Fiumara and several others that I have not figured out exactly how they are connected, such as Rao, Conti, Briguglio, Davi, D'Angelo, Raneri, and a few others. I have recently discovered that many of those surnames are of the "top 10" most common names in Ali. I don't know if that makes my search harder or easier!!! His mother, Santa Gugliotta was brought to the US at age 3 by her parents Giovanni Gugliotta and his wife Giuseppa Ferrara in 1913. Santa had been born shortly after the earthquake in the winter of 1908 that destroyed much of that area. I am fortunate that she is still living, at the wonderful age of 93, but her memory, although sharp, sometimes confuses people and events.  Mostly what I have been able to get from her are names and approximate dates or locations. The challenge comes with trying to find out relationship. My husbands father, Leonardo Antonio DiToma, was from Bari, Italy. He stated on the ship manifest that his father "Francesco DiToma" lived on Rue Ignasio, Fasano, Italy. He said that he was coming to the US to stay with a friend Mr. Boglioni @ 223 W. St., NY, NY. Leonardo did not come to the US until he

was 23 years old, that was 1920. Unfortunately, I do not have any other surnames associated in this search. Both the Gugliotta and DiToma families ended up in upstate New York area. Syracuse, Canastota, Oleanta, Brewerton, etc. Much of the Rao, Ferrara and Fiumara families seemed to be headed to Brooklyn NY or Boston Mass............... I would appreciate hearing from anyone who thinks we may have a connection, or anyone who can lead me in an

appropriate direction.


Thanks, Tina DiToma