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From: Donna M. Dengler []

Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 5:28 PM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] ARENA Surname


I've seen some recent email regarding the surname ARENA from Termini Imerse. Did anyone's ARENA family migrate to Caccamo (Palermo) (about 8 miles south of Termini)?


I have the following ARENAs in my line:

Santo (b: circa 1720, place unknown)

Giovanni (1741-1825, b: Trabia)

Ignazio (1760-1854, b: Termini)

Giovanna Liboria (b: 1808, Caccamo)


Please respond to me directly, not to the list. Thanks in advance for any help.



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From: Donna M. Dengler []

Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 6:37 AM


Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Caccamo: ARENA/RIVALDO

I have some Rivaldo's in my tree, though they married into my family and are not direct ancestors. Actually, too, the Arena connection is through a second marriage in which no children were produced. My ancestor died at a young age, and her widowed spouse married Liboria Arena. I can take the Arena's back to the early 1700s through allegati records. How did you go back so far to get dates in the 1600s and early 1700s? Church records?

Have you ever been to Caccamo?


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From: Donna Dengler []

Sent: Sunday, November 21, 1999 3:26 PM


Subject: Re: [ITA-SICILY-L] SURNAME "Sound-Off"




Aldoino                            Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily

Brancato                          Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily

Dolcemascolo                  Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily

Motta                              Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily

Vigano                             Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily

Vitale                               Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily

Conti                                S. Agata Militello, Messina, Sicily

DeLuca / Cardillo             S. Agata Militello, Messina, Sicily

Pistone / Nascone            S. Agata Militello, Messina, Sicily

Valore                             S. Agata Militello, Messina, Sicily


If anything sounds familiar, please respond directly to Donna at . Thanks.