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Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 7:38 PM
Subject: ITA-Sicily-Surnames

donna, I am sharon Lombardo and my e mail is   I am looking for our ancestors who came over  to the usa in 1908. From Sicily of course. We are trying to find the Bruno family. We have a grandfather who stepped off the boat and stepped into another life. We never heard from him again. His wife. Amelia. she lived with our family . My grandfather vanished from the face of the earth. We know he was alive but nobody would speak of his whereabouts. Went under somewhere and never resurfaced. We think he changed his name to Christopher and his last name is and was Bruno. My grandmothers maiden name is Vicari. She came over on the boat as Bruno or vacari. We think Bruno. Bruno, Lombardo, and Vicari are all connected.  again my e mail is  thank you. Oh i need to know if you know where i can find the ships log for my grandmother and grandfather. i searched on the web but found nothing. Lots of names but nothing fit. Please help. sharon