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Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2001 8:03 PM


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Recently, I subscribed to this list and I would like to post my family info (which is limited). My grandparents migrated to the US about 1903 from Termini Immerse. Their names were: Agostino (b. 24 Aug 1876, d. 16 Jan 1937) and Maria (b. 6 Nov 1881; d. 31 Mar 1970) Arena Dispenza.


My grandfather was the son of Agostino and Maria Palmiseno Dispenza. They had at least 4 children (Marina, Maria, Agostino and Ignazia). To my knowledge 3 of the children migrated to the US.  My grandmother was the daughter of Santi and Maria Demma Arena. The had at least 5 children (Joseph, Santi, Franco, Antoinette and Maria). To my knowledge, 3 of the children migrated to the US. Franco died while serving in the Italy Military.


My grandparents entered through New York and settled in the Washington DC. Both of my grandparents worshipped St. Anthony. Is there a St. Anthony's in Termini Immerse?


I would love to be able to find out more information on my Sicilian relatives. I did write to Termini Immerse and received their civilian birth and marriage certificates. The documents did not relieve any new information.

Any suggestions/assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Heidi Dowell Boothe

Aberdeen, NC