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Hello Everyone!!!

I just found out about all of you and this list through a friend. I am searching for my relatives in Sicily. My grandparents were from Palermo. My email addy here is not exactly how my name is spelled just in case you might be wondering.

The family name is Belfiore. The information my father can give me about my grandparents is quite limited. I have both of their names and birth and death dates. At one time I tried to obtain Naturalization Papers without success.

My family settled in the Pittsburgh PA area. I do not know exactly when they came to the US. Hopefully I am connecting with all of you here and maybe can obtain more information or at least leads as to how to find out more about my family.



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Dear Monica and Sicilian Friends!

I sure will keep your info handy Monica who knows we could be related!!!!  I am most excited to even know there is a descendent of a Belfiore family on this list! My grandfather had a sister, named Camella or Carmella.  So close in a way to your grandmother's name. Gosh!

Here is the information I have at this point. I finally dug it out of the box!!! I joined yesterday and quickly posted without the little info I have here. So here goes.

My grandfather was:

Samuel Belfiore

born: 11-3-1887

died: 11-11-56

My grandmother was:

Rose Mary Scorza

born: 11-13-1888

died: 10-5-51

Maybe there are some people here researching the Scorza family????   I really wish my father could elaborate more for me.  Long story, guys. I am going to see him in several months and maybe I can get more information from him next time. He was born in New Kensington PA. near Pittsburgh.

I wish to add more one note here.  I must admit the Belfiore family was prolific!!! LOL! My father was one of nine and he had 16 counting me!