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Sam My GGMother was Giuseppa Abbate born 1807 in Villarosa. She married Francesco Tornabene in 1830 in Villarosa. I have not traced any of her family. Have you done any research further back on your grandmothers family.

An interesting point is when I visited Villarosa last year I met Ettore Abbate at the City Hall. He is in charge of the civil records and was very helpful showing me some family birth records etc. My visit was short so I did not dig any deeper than the Tornabene family at the time.  Abbate is a very common Italian name. Since your Grandmother Rosa is from Villarosa there seems like a connection. I would be interested if you have any data on her ancestors. Let me know

Thanks Frank Barbarino


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Antoinette the Italian Princess and other Villarosa descendants.  Here is part of my ancestry Francesco Profeta married Maria Giuseppa Restivo in Villarosa in 1832 and their daughter Maria Teresa Profeta married Salvatore Albo in Villarosa in 1854 Their daughter (my grandmother ) was Angela Albo - she married Michael Tornabene my Grandfather

Regards Frank Barbarino