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Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 2:38 AM


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I have been searching for my grandfather's home for the last five years. It was not on his naturalization papers, DOI, death certificate, marriage license or ship manifest. All family members (my aunts and uncles) that would know this information are deceased. I had always been told that he was from Calabria, but after searching civil and church records, I found no trace of him.   Recently, a surviving uncle by marriage said he was from Sicily but the family never talked about it, instead said he was Calabrian.  My question is; what is the most logical place to start to find his home....go through the civil and church records for every province, or is there a central location for records? His name was Angelo Aiello; his father was Antonio Aiello and his mother was Mary Vescia.  He was born in 1873 or 1874. He immigrated in 1891 and settled in Pittsburgh, Pa where he married Marianna Dilape daughter of Antonio Dilape and Marianto Marafino of Naples. Any suggestions are certainly appreciated as I have wasted five years in looking through records from Calabria.


Mille Grazie, Richard Aiello, Fort Worth, Texas


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Subject: [{ITA-SICILY-L}] Surname rollcall


Aiello - unknown village in Sicily

Vescia - unknown village in Sicily

Marraffino - Naples

DeLape(o) - Naples

Rescinitto - Roscigno


Richard Aiello

Fort Worth, Texas