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John Fisher and Effie Haworth's Wedding Announcement, as it appeared on page 2, column 1 of the Whittier Register on November 22, 1895.

Another Whittier Wedding

A notably pleasant event occurred Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Jacob Haworth on Newlin avenue, the occasion being the marriage of their daughter Miss Effie V. Haworth to John W. Fisher, of Los Angeles. The ceremony which united the young couple in happy wedlock was performed at 8:30 o'clock by Rev. Thomas Armstrong of Friends church, in the presence of a goodly company of relatives and friends. After the newly married couple had received the congratulations of those present the company were conducted to the dining room where they partook of the bountiful refreshments prepared for the occasion. The guests as well as absent friends remembered the bride and groom with numerous useful and handsome presents. Those present besides Mr. Haworth and family were Rev. and Mrs. Armstrong, Joseph Frazier and wife, Geo. Hitch and wife, Harry Harpin, wife and two children, of Los Angeles, Mrs. Fisher and daughter, Mrs. Solomon Haworth and two daughters, Fred Frazier and wife, all of Los Angeles also, and Frank Mills and Miss Daisy Mills, of Vineland. On Wednesday Mr. And Mrs. Fisher proceeded to their future home at 332 Leroy street, Los Angeles, followed by the good wishes of their numerous friends in Whittier.

Obtianed with help from the Whittier Area Geneological Society and the Whittier Museum - Thank you, Denzil for your time & effort!