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We are all of one world and one family. We are all kin. If you follow an ancestral line back a mere 1,000 years, you are dealing with billions upon billions of ancestors per generation . . . at a time when the world was populated with less than 500 million souls.

Cyberspace is a wonderful place to search for our families. I've discovered many distant, unknown, living cousins through the Internet and the WWW, several quite by accident. Through them I've found new multiple-great grandparents, ancestors I would not have identified for years, if ever.

Happy hunting on your quest.

The database, a feature of this site for over four-and-one-half years, has been suspended. It has proven impossible to maintain and update information on a timely basis. My heartfelt thanx to all who have written over the years with updates, corrections and additional information. Your assistance has been sincerely appreciated.


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