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This is the unofficial website of the Paskiewicz family. Specifically the family of Anthony and Meta, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I plan to post any and all Paskiewicz info I can find. If you are a Paskiewicz or a Paskiewicz wannabe, this site is for you. Keep checking back, as I will be updating and refining the site often.

As of April 15, 2008 you will find very little in working order. If you absolutely can't wait for me to get the site running, you can email me at

Joe Paskiewicz

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No Borshch For You!              No Borshsch For You!!                                                                               

I recently spent 10 days in Russia. The trip had nothing to do with finding my roots, but in some ways it did. My father, (Jerome Paskiewicz 1924-2001), had told me of a Russian general named Paskiewicz.  For those of you who have studied your Paskiewicz history know that this was Ivan Fedorovich Paskiewicz.

I think my father wanted to be Russian, rather than Polish. and again, in some ways he got what he wanted. From 1795 to 1918, there was no Poland on the European maps. While the Polish people held strongly to their heritage, officially, our family came to the US from Prussia, or Russia.






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