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The earliest known Tyler ancestor, Laurence of Cranbrook, County Kent, England, made his will there on 10 January 1663. In it he mentioned his son Job, "now in New England". Job was one of the earliest settlers of Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. The family remained in Essex County for several generations, then, in the early 1800s, one branch moved to Grafton County, New Hampshire. Many members of the next generation went west to Van Buren County, Michigan. Some stayed there, others moved on yet again.

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Note: All places are in Essex County, Massachusetts, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Laurence TYLER, died 1663 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. He married Dorothy ----. Their children included:
  2. Job TYLER, born about 1619/21 in Cranbrook, Kent, England; died abt 1700 in Massachusetts. He married about 1640 in Massachusetts, Mary ---- (born about 1620 in England). Their children included:
  3. Moses TYLER, born 1641/42 in Andover/Roxbury; died 2 October 1727 in Andover. He married (1) on 6 July 1666 in Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, Prudence BLAKE (born 15 April 1647 in Gloucester; died 9 March 1688/89 in Boxford). Their children included:
  4. Ebenezer TYLER, born 18 September 1673 in Rowley; died 1 December 1743 in Essex County, Massachusetts. He married before 1694 in Essex County, Massachusetts, Elizabeth WALKER, (born about 1668 in Massachusetts; died 9 April 1745 in Essex County, Massachusetts). Their children included:
  5. Nathaniel TYLER, born 14 April 1702 in Boxford. He married on 14 May 1741 in Essex, Massachusetts, Sarah WEED (born abt 1720 in Rowley). Their children included:
  6. Jesse TYLER, born 8 March 1752 in Essex County, Massachusetts; died 5 April 1813 in Coventry-Benton, Grafton, New Hampshire. He married on 17 February 1778 Lucy WEBBER (born 18 November 1758 in Methuen). Their children included:
  7. Samuel TYLER, born 20 March 1798 in Methuen. He married on 26 September 1820 in Warner, Merrimack County, New Hampshire Rhoda PALMER (born about 1799, perhaps in Bath, Grafton County, New Hampshire). Their children included:
  8. Samuel Goodall TYLER, born 2 May 1832 in Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire; died 24 January 1913 in Free Soil, Mason County, Michigan; buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Free Soil, Mason County, Michigan. He married (1) on 13 Judy 1853 in Oshtemo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, Melissa Melinda WILLIAMS (born 2 April 1833 in Vermont; died 25 August 1874 in Hartford, Van Buren County, Michigan; buried Pioneer Cemetery, Hartford, Van Buren County, Michigan). Their children included:
  9. Ellen Rosina TYLER, born 30 October 1859 in Hartford, Van Buren County, Michigan; died 23 June 1906 in Free Soil, Mason County, Michigan; buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Free Soil, Mason County, Michigan). She married (1) on 25 April 1875 in Hartford, Van Buren County, Michigan, Edwin Adelbert IRISH (born 27 July 1848 in Brockport, Monroe County, New York; died 12 August 1893 in Ava, Douglas County, Missouri).
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