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The name Sönnichsen is a patronymic meaning "son of Söncke"; an earlier form of the name was Söncksen. Since patronymics usually change every generation, instead of presenting a separate page for each name, I decided to follow the direct male line.

My thanks to my Sonnichsen cousins, past and present, who have generously shared information with me.

For more on the patronymic naming system, check under Names on the Schleswig-Holstein Links page, or read my personal Observations.

Quick overview of my line of descent


Below is a list of my direct ancestors with this surname.
It begins with the earliest known and (usually) ends when a female ancestor marries into another family.

No information on living persons is included.
Please read my Privacy Policy for more information.

Note: All places are in Schleswig-Holstein unless otherwise stated.

  1. Nis PETERSEN. He married Follig -----. Their children included:
  2. Söncke NISSEN, born 2 May 1691; died 13 May 1758 Toftum village, Emmelsbüll parish. He married Dorothea ----- (born about 1700; died 18 January 1777 Toftum). Their children included:
  3. Nis SÖNCKSEN, born 28 February 1730 Toftum; died 14 March 1783 Toftum. He married on 21 October 1757 in Emmelsbüll, Chreste Jenses (born 16 August 1729 Saidt village; died 25 February 1770 Toftum). Their children included:
  4. Söncke NISSEN, born 20 November 1757 Toftum; died 9 September 1811 Toftum. He married on 5 May 1798, Lucia Melfsen (born about 1772 Tetenbüll; died 8 June 1816). Their children included:
  5. Momme Melf SÖNNICHSEN, born 31 December 1800 in Toftum; christened 4 January 1801 in Emmelsbüll; died 30 August 1837 Toftum. He married on 13 May 1826 in Emmelsbüll, Maria CHRISTIANSEN (born 12 June 1803 in Kleinenkoogsdeich; christened there 15 June 1803 in Emmelsbüll; died 23 February 1838 Kleinenkoogsdeich). Their children included:
  6. Magdalena Maria SÖNNICHSEN, born 26 June 1832 in Emmelsbüll; christened there 1 July 1832; died 24 August 1898 in Port Clinton, Ottawa Co, Ohio; buried August 1898 in Lake View Cemetery, Port Clinton, Ohio. She married on 5 November 1852 in Emmelsbüll, Martin August BAHNSEN (born 2 January 1830 in Horsbüll; christened there 21 January 1830; died 16 November 1911 in Port Clinton, Ottawa Co, Ohio; buried 19 November 1911 in Lake View Cemetery, Port Clinton, Ohio).
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