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Normally, here I try to write a little about the family in general. But this page will be different. I know very little about Keziah Hutchison (or possibly Hutchinson).

I do not know who her parents were, though I have a theory. And while I know approximately when she was born, I do not know exactly when, or even where, she died, except that it was after the 1870 Federal Census was taken.

I have several clues regarding her parentage: On the same date that Keziah's husband, William D. Sims purchased land in what was then Richland County, Ohio, James Hutchison purchased the adjoining property. In addition, when she was a child, my grandmother knew Rebecca (Hutchison) Maloney, and was told that "Aunt Becky" was her grandfather's aunt.

Were James and Nancy Hutchison Keziah's parents?
I have included everything I have found about them and their other known and possible children in Analyzing the Evidence — but maybe you can suggest some source that I may have missed? Please help me break through this brickwall!

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  1. Keziah HUTCHISON, born about 1807 in Pennsylvania; died after 1870. She married in November 1825 in Monroe County, Ohio, William Dickenson SIMS (born 30 July 1792 in New York City, New York County, New York; died after 1870).
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