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Humphrey Family

Analyzing the Evidence

Who were the parents of Susan Humphrey?

Henry Humphrey was born in 1800 in Chenango County "on the bank of the Susquehanna river". His father's name is unknown, but his mother Elizabeth was born 31 July 1782 in Connecticut, and died 25 February 1868. She is buried in Polly Cemetery.

Henry came to Orleans County in 1821 and married Elsie Polly, daughter of Dan and Abigail Polly, in 1827. Elsie was born in 1807 in Onondaga County. Henry died in 1884, Elsie in 1885; they are buried together at Hillside Cemetery in Clarendon.

Henry's 1879 biography says that he has  six children, while according to the 1865 Census he had twelve children. The biography may have counted only those children that were still living.

Known children, born in Orleans County:

  1. Phebe Humphrey, born about 1833.
  2. Sarah Humphrey, born about 1835.
  3. Mary Elizabeth Humphrey, born about 1841.
  4. William H. Humphrey, born 28 February 1848; died 29 April 1931. He married Eleanor Good.
  5. Emily L. Humphrey, born about 1849
  6. Electa D. Humphrey, born about 1853. She married Charles Good, Eleanor's brother.

In the 1840 census, Henry's household consisted of:

My theory:
Susan Humphrey, who married Amos Irish, was the unidentified female born between 1825-1830.

Susan's birthdate is unknown, but her only known child was born in 1848, so a birthyear between 1828 and 1830 is reasonable.

In the 1855 census, Amos Irish, his third wife (another Susan), and his two sons, are living with Henry Humphrey's family.

If you have any information about this family, please contact me!

I am deeply grateful for and highly appreciative of all the time and effort expended by the volunteers at the Orleans County, New York, USGenWeb Site in making so much information so readily available.
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