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Charles Leland SONNICHSEN

The only one of my "famous relatives" I have actually met, Cousin Leland was very generous in sharing his research on our common ancestry when I was only just starting out on my genealogical journeys.

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Ancestors of Charles Leland SONNICHSEN

                               /-Momme Melf SÖNNICHSEN
                    /-Momme Melf SÖNNICHSEN
                    |          \-Maria CHRISTIANSEN
         /-Henry Matthew SONNICHSEN
         |          |          /-Detlef Carsten DETLEFSEN
         |          \-Jetta Caroline DETLEFSEN
         |                     \-Christina Wilhemina TIEDZE
Charles Leland SONNICHSEN
         |                     /-Samuel HULTZ
         |          /-Samuel HULTS
         |          |          \-Sarah AKERLY
         \-Mary HULTS
                    |          /-Nathan CLIFTON
                    \-Nancy Jane CLIFTON
                               \-Mary SMITH
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