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Ava Lavinia GARDNER

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Ancestors of Ava Lavinia GARDNER

                                    /-William GARDNER
                         /-James Bailey GARDNER
                         |          |                     /-William BATTS
                         |          |          /-Bailey BATTS
                         |          |          |          \-Chastity BARNES
                         |          \-Cynthia Eliza BATTS
                         |                     |          /-Jesse JORDAN
                         |                     \-Esther JORDAN
              /-Jonas Bailey GARDNER
              |          |          /-Benjamin DILDA
              |          \-Mary Elizabeth DILDA
              |                     \-Matilda COBB
     Ava Lavinia GARDNER
              |          /-King David BAKER
              \-Mary Elizabeth BAKER
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