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Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Organization of Random

Note: Brighton was originally called Random. It was renamed in 1832.

To John Currier Justice of Peace
Wee the undersigners being Inhabitance & Freeholders of the Town of Random Request you to warn a meeting of the Inhabitants of said Town to meet together at such time and place as you shall think fit for the purpose of Organizing said town which your petitioners in Duty bound will ever pray

Random February 12th 1832

Wm Melendy
Amos Currier
Simeon Foster
Jason Currier
John Kilby
William Cargill
Phreland Rosbrook
Samuel Kellam
Dexter Rosbrook
Jefferson Chafer
Silas J Bullock

Aggreable to the request of sundry inhabitants of the town of Random in the county of Essex to warn a meeting of the inhabitence of said Town for the purpose of Organising said town

State of Vermont}
Essex county ss  } These are to notify and warn the inhabitence of aforesaid Town of Random to Meet together at the dweling house of Ezra Carter in said Random on the 31 day of March next at ten of the clock fore noon to act on the following Business
1st To chose a moderater to govern said meeting.
2nd To chose a town Clerk.
3rd To chose Selectmen, Constable & collector of Town taxes, Treasury & all other town officers requireed By law
given under my hand at Random the 13th day of February 1832 ~

John Currier Justice of Peace

Extracted from Family History Library Film #0027868 by Jane Irish Nelson.

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