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Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Lists of Scholars

1858, District 5

Return of School District No 5 Brighton for 1857

Heads of Families Children's Names
Jonathan Mason Emily, Franklin 2
Wm Carnick Florence A. 1
John Dolin Mary Ann 1
Wm Cheney Wallace, Lewis & Susan 3
Dunlop Sarah, Frances 2
E.W. Hoffman Albert 1
Lewis Bigna Mitchel, Frederick 2
Pat Coffee John, Patsy, Jerry, James 4
Jas O'Keeffe Patsey 1
Pat Pheny Pat, Michael, Richard & Mary 4
Michael Tracy Delia, Andrew, John, Charles 4
Horace Root Charles, Mary 2
Peter Tracy Judah, Andrew 2
Andrew De Rush Joseph, Aurelia, Emily, Daniel 4
Pat Flaharty Patrick, Matthew 2
A.J. Woodman Charles 1
Ansel Foster James, Ansel, Senneca, David, Jane 5
Dimond Stone Luvia, Emma 2
Jams V. Blake Lucia, Sarah, Mary 3
G.G. Waterhouse Ada 1
Clinton Blake Ellen 1
E.A. Scamonen Elizabeth, Anna 2
E. Poor Scott, Henry & Alfred 3
Richard DeVrie Anthony 1
S.D. Hobson Howard 1
A.B. Garland Hannah 1
A.J. Downing Edgar A & Emily A 2
Silas Couny Arthur, Almira, Amietta 4
Barzilla Howard Page, Martha, Sarah, Hellen 5
Dana Marcott Ada 1
James Dow John 1
Clark Ladd Amelia, Seth, Jane 3
Horace Morse Emma 1
E. Percival Milo, Elvira 2
Amos Needham Ida, Alton 2
W.L. Willard Eugene 1
N.P. Bowman Harlan, Charles, Thomas 3
Joseph Ladd Charles, Abby 2
Isaac Sawyer Henry, Delila, Ellen 3
Amasa Young Edward, Ellen 2
Susan Stevens Orlando, Russel, Semantha, Roxana 4
No of Weeks Taught by Male ~~ 12
   do          do             Female ~~ 14
Amt Paid Male Teacher $60.~
   do    Female    do 29.~
Cost of Board for Teachers for Year 51.~
Fuel Furniture & Incidentals 15.~

I certify the above to be true returns for Dist No 5 as required by Law

Attest Wm Cheney . Dist Clerk

Received for Record at Feb 27" 1858.
Attest - - A.J. Downing
Town Clerk

Extracted from Family History Library Film #0027868 by Jane Irish Nelson.

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