Scott Both an English and Scottish surname. In England a border name from the Old English Scott originally ‘an Irishman’ later ‘a Gael from Scotland’. The surname may have established itself in Scotland from Northumberland. They were a powerful clan on the English/Scottish border. In 1863 (and also in 1990) it was the tenth most numerous name in Scotland, with an estimated 22,400 bearers. In Ireland, in 1890 Scott was the ninetieth most numerous surname and the estimated number of bearers was 8,700. In that year the surname was chiefly found in Antrim, Down, Derry and Dublin. In the United States it is the 34th most numerous surname with an estimated 508,750 bearers. In England and Wales in 1996 it was the 42nd most numerous surname. In Scotland in 1995 it was the 10th most numerous surname.
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