Robinson, Robertson An English or Scottish surname meaning son of Robin. The more usual Scottish form is Robertson meaning son of Robert. It is likely that the Scottish Robertson has become anglicised as Robinson in Ulster. Furthermore there is confusion between Robertson and Roberton, which is of territorial origin from Roberton in Lanarkshire. The Robertsonsís of Struan in Gaelic are called the Clann Donnacha, from the name of their first chief. There are also families of Lude and Straloch. In 1863 it was the fifth most common name in Scotland, with an estimated 31,200 bearers. In 1990 it was the eight most numerous surname. In 1853 it was the twelfth most common surname in England and Wales, with an estimated 66,700 bearers. In Ireland in 1890 Robinson was the seventy-third most numerous surname, the estimated number of bearers was 9,700 and the surname was chiefly found in Antrim, Down, Dublin, Armagh and Tyrone. In the United States Robinson is the 20th most numerous surname with an estimated 640,750 bearers. In England and Wales in 1996 Robinson was the 12th most numerous surname, and Robertson was the 164th most numerous surname. In Scotland in 1995 Robertson was the 5th most numerous surname.
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