Patton, Patten, ó Peatáin

An Irish, Scottish and English Surname. The English and Scottish surname Patton is derived from Patrick, which was a popular personal name prior to the Reformation.

In Scotland the surname was to be found in Ayrshire.

The English surname Patten is derived from the Middle English paten for ‘patten, clog’, being reference to ‘a patten-maker’.

The Gaelic ó Peatáin were a sept of the Cineál Eoghain, Peatán being a diminutive of Patrick.

At one time they were seated in the barony of Raphoe in Donegal.

In 1890 Patton was principally found in Antrim and Down, and Patten in Mayo, and the estimated number of bearers was 2,690 (including variants).

In the United States it is the 382nd most numerous surname with an estimated 79,750 bearers.

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