Morris Mac Murris, a surname of Cambro-Norman origin, meaning son of Maurice: a branch of the Geraldines in Kerry who were lord of Lixnaw, also borne by a branch of the Prendergasts in Mayo. Also de Moiréis from the French meaning ‘of residence nearby a marsh’. Morris is one of the ‘Tribes of Galway’, being descendants of a family named Mares, which settled there in 1485. Also see Morrison and Morrissey. In 1890 Morris was principally found in Dublin, Mayo, Tyrone, and Monaghan, and the estimated number of bearers was 5,150 (including variants). In the United States it is the 53rd most numerous surname with an estimated 343,750 bearers. In England and Wales in 1996 it was the 32nd most numerous surname.
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