Millar, Miller Both an English and a Scottish surname. Millar is the more common Scottish form. It is derived from the occupation of a miller, from the Middle English millere. In Scotland in 1863 Miller (including variants) was the eleventh most numerous surname, and the estimated number of bearers was 21,400. In 1890 the surname was principally found in Antrim (30%), Derry and Dublin, and the estimated number of bearers was 3,898 (Millar) and 3,539 (Miller). In the United States Miller is the 7th most numerous surname with an estimated 1,166,000 bearers. In England and Wales in 1996 Miller was the 61st most numerous surname. In Scotland in 1995 Miller was the 22nd most numerous surname, and Millar was the 77th most numerous surname.
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