O’Malley, ó Máille A Gaelic surname meaning descendant of Máille (perhaps Old Celtic Maglios, according to Woulfe). A sept of Connacht who were chiefs of the two Umhalls, now the baronies of Burrishoole and Murresk in west Mayo. They were celebrated as naval commanders, being called the Manannans, or sea-gods of the western ocean, and having a considerable fleet under their command. A sept of Thuas Mhumhan (Thomond) who were chiefs of Tuath Luimnigh, a district in the neighbourhood of the city of Limerick. In its anglicised form sometimes difficult to distinguish from ó Maoilaodha, more usually anglicised as Molloy (see below). In 1890 Malley was numerous in Mayo, it was also to be found in Galway. The estimated number of bearers was 3,808 (including variants). In the United States O’Malley is the 2,845th most numerous surname with an estimated 11,000 bearers, and Maley is the 7,893rd most numerous surname with an estimated 2,750 bearers. O’Malley is numerous in the state of Massachusetts.
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